Just One

There’s nothing like coming off of a weekend and having a tan, the ultimate proof of a fun-filled weekend. I had been aching for some time in the desert—i just live for that heat—so we planned a 4-day getaway and timed it perfectly to catch up with some family. Click to read more >

When it comes down to it, there is only so much that beauty products and makeup can do for your skin. What I’ve learned throughout the years is that there’s a lot that plays into how our skin looks and feels. The way we eat, sleep, sweat and drink has a direct effect on our skin and overall well being—old news of course, but I need a constant refresher course from time to time. I teamed up with OLLY and the release of their brand new Flawless Complexion gummies to share 5 ways I keep my skin glowing from the inside.Click to read more >

Hat Talk

Over the past couple of years I’ve accumulated quite the collection of hats. I went from hardly wearing them to finding the classic accessory essential to every season, especially spring. Here’s why hats are so great and the styles I’m loving at the moment.Click to read more >