Marianne-Brandi-and-Keld-Mikkelsen-Gallery-Wall-outside-CopenhagenTodd and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on Monday and it’s amazing to think of the memories, milestones, adventures and photos we have in that short amount of time. Putting together a gallery wall has been something I’ve wanted to do since we got our wedding photos back but a home remodel, traveling, life and just plain procrastination kept prolonging my project. We recently moved a few things around in our living room and a large blank wall now awaits. I’ve been gathering art wall inspiration and one thing I definitely wanted was a mix of photos, art and objects. When Aaron Brothers offered to help me frame something creative for the wall I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Click to read more >

Baby's First Beach DayConsidering both Todd and I grew up on the beach, met on the beach and have been beach bums most of our lives it’s no surprise that Elin seems to love the salty air as much as we do. The other day it was hot and humid so we sung by a favorite spot for a sandy day cap. It wasn’t her first time at the beach but in a way it felt like it since the last time we went she was pretty teeny tiny and not interacting much. This time she was completely captivated by the seagulls, the waves and the sand, which she got a little taste of too—rite of passage? Click to read more >