CIHT_SHAMPOO_7.22.16_002There are a handful of beauty products that are mainstays in my everyday routine. The ones I have to run out immediately (if not before) the bottle runs dry because I depend on them so much. I even got my husband hooked on a favorite that we keep fully stocked in our shower at-all-times now—Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser. A simple, gentle wash that leaves your skin soft, clean (great for removing makeup) and moisturized. That was the first of many Philosophy products I added to my repertoire of musts in my bathroom cabinet. Click to read more >

CIHT_SUITCASE_023Since we’ve been on the go these past few months, I’ve packed and unpacked my bags more frequently than ever before. Each time I’ve discovered a new technique or an easier/better way of staying organized and being selective on what I’m bringing with me. I’m convinced the more you travel the better you become at it from start to finish. So here’s a little list of the things, tricks and routines I follow that have helped me streamline the process. Click to read more >