ciht_9-19-16_142Without a doubt, the single most worn item in my closet every fall is a leather jacket. I love how quickly the classic piece can add a bit of edge to a feminine dress or a great print. Not to mention its the best style secret for transitioning your summer wardrobe—add a leather jacket and boots to a summer dress and you’re fall-ready, voilà. So where to find the perfect leather jacket? Right this way. Click to read more >

ciht_9-9-16_058There’s something undeniably refreshing about sitting down with a cup of coffee and handwriting a note to someone. It’s an act that we so rarely do now that even just going through the motions feels like a mini break from everyday life. I had a few thank you messages I wanted to send out for some recent projects and opted for something a little more special then an email.Click to read more >


Day to day my beauty routine is pretty low maintenance. I opt for minimal makeup, natural waves and an overall easy look. But I’m always looking for the best of the best when it comes to tools and products. My hair has a natural wave to it, which can be great for texture and shape but the frizz factor can quickly take over. So I’m seeking tips and tricks involving a smoother finish. Click to read more >