As I mentioned here, I’m giddy about attending some upcoming weddings this Spring. The champagne and cake, seeing that beautiful bride come down the aisle, watching the groom catch his first glance, good ‘old toasts, getting dolled up and pure sweet romance in the air… I’m a sucker for it all. Since getting a couple invites in the mail (teensy bit excited over here!) I’ve been all about finding the perfect dress. Enter a newfound favorite…Click to read more >

If there’s one thing I’m not afraid to invest in when it comes to my wardrobe, it’s sweaters. I have quite the collection but in my defense I wear them year round on the regular and own some that have been favorites for years. Confession, some might be older than my underwear they’re that good. One in particular (seen here) is still one of my favorites (3+ years later) so when I hopped over to the designer’s website (Brochu Walker) to check out their latest collection I quickly spotted this creative cut and knew it would be good. Click to read more >