I have this secret wish that some day we’ll run off to Provence for the summer, rent a house and pretend to be Parisians for a little while. Just the thought of spending our afternoons eating cheese and discovering little towns while roaming around the French countryside on a perfectly warm evening—maybe with a glass of wine or gelato in hand, yes?—sounds like a dream. Click to read more >

Normally when it comes to dessert I veer straight for the chocolate, and usually have trouble sharing with my husband. It’s safe to say I have a bonafide sweet tooth, in fact it might be one of my defining qualities as a human. But when I tasted my mother-in-law’s homemade lemon curd tart made with the lemons from her orchard—also where we had our wedding—I literally couldn’t contain myself it was so good. Move aside chocolate. I asked for the recipe and now order it (and sometimes make it) any chance I get, especially on a sunny day. Click to read more >

With a sun-filled holiday weekend ahead of us we’re all probably itching to get to Friday, I know I am. With the excitement of parties or travel it’s easy to forget the importance of being prepared for the sun. And no one wants to show up on Tuesday with an awkward burn, or twenty years from now skin that resembles a Louis Vuitton handbag. Click to read more >