Gold Flower Vases

When sprucing up the house for a few guests, I realized I had a shortage of medium sized vases—nothing too big but something that could hold a small bunch of flowers with a little height. Just as I was tossing two coffee cans I realized they could be put to use. Enter some trusty gold chrome spray paint I recently used on this project. I gave a good coat to both of the coffee cans, let them dry, filled them with fresh pink roses and the result was exactly what I was wanting. A fun DIY for a big dinner party (or a wedding) when you need a handful of matching, pretty vases. 
{ Empty coffee cans. }
{ I applied two coats of gold spray paint. Tip: use a box for a tidy clean up. }
 { Tip: Some coffee cans, like these, are made with stiff cardboard. Place a glass inside the cans to hold the water to avoid leaking. }
 { The final product. }

23 thoughts on “Gold Flower Vases

  1. Jessica Phan

    How many vases do you think you could spray with just one can of the gold spraypaint?
    I am budgeting out money from our wedding fund and we’re trying to add that pop of gold without going overboard on spraypaint cans.


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