There really isn’t anything sweeter than teensy kiddos running around in crisp whites and seersucker in search of easter eggs. The concentrated drive of the older kids and the easily distracted (and sometimes wobbly) newbies is cute overload in my opinion. I for one have always been a fan of the holiday, it’s right up there with Christmas in my book. Click to read more >

I’ve been fantasizing about an Easter picnic since last May when I scored some baskets at a sale. Even though we were a year out, I marked my calendar and started collecting ideas. One of the first images I tucked away in my folder titled “hop hop” was a white bunny sugar cookie made by my friend Elizabeth Colling of Merci To Go—you know I got them, scroll down! She helped me put together a Spring picnic menu and I started sourcing my vision of neutral tones with blush accents, babies and bunnies, lacy white dresses, wildflowers and glittery eggs. We got lucky with the weather and soaked in the 70+ degree day under an oak tree.Click to read more >

I love Fridays. But really who doesn’t? Aside from it being the kick off to the weekend (woot woot) it’s also the one weekday that I routinely reserve to spend with Elin entirely and just be a mom. There’s the occasional afternoon or late morning I get with her during the week but without fail Friday is our day. We hang with friends, hit up the library (a new favorite outing), go out to lunch, duck into the zoo or a museum and spoil ourselves with a treat—hot cocoa has been the pick as of late.Click to read more >