The first question everyone seems to ask us after returning from a month long adventure in Australia and New Zealand is this, “how did you do it with a toddler?” So I wanted to spill the entire experience (no sugar coating!) with all of you who have been reaching out for advice, tips and tricks for traveling with your little ones.Click to read more >

True story, I believed in Santa Claus far passed most kids. My mom did such an amazing job making it believable and exciting that everyone in our family (I’m the youngest of 4) wanted to keep the magic alive for me as long as they could. Well, it still burns pretty hard in my heart. I think I’m the first person to turn on some good ol’ Christmas classics, start decorating a tree and sign up for just about any holiday happening there is. Click to read more >

ciht_102116_181-2Two years ago this month I remember sitting in our gender-neutral nursery we created with calm grays, creams and tans and feeling like it was the most tranquil room in the house. Since we waited on revealing whether it was a boy or girl making his/her debut, I spent a lot of time daydreaming about what was to come while kicking up my feet in the rocker. The room was a clean slate ready to grow along with this little person and time would only tell what that would look like.
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