I love Fridays. But really who doesn’t? Aside from it being the kick off to the weekend (woot woot) it’s also the one weekday that I routinely reserve to spend with Elin entirely and just be a mom. There’s the occasional afternoon or late morning I get with her during the week but without fail Friday is our day. We hang with friends, hit up the library (a new favorite outing), go out to lunch, duck into the zoo or a museum and spoil ourselves with a treat—hot cocoa has been the pick as of late.Click to read more >

If there’s one thing that surely makes Elin’s heart skip a beat (ok mine too) it’s most definitely a tutu. The girl loves a round of dress up and hasn’t met a ball of tulle that she doesn’t like. Next to wearing a fluffy frock is having a tea party in her fancy threads—her favorite “pretend” tea is blueberry in case you’re wondering. The more friends and tutus, the better if you ask her. Even if the friends happen to be her dolls and stuffed animals.Click to read more >

As a mother of a girl, Valentine’s Day has never been so fun. Elin is all about tea parties, tutus, fairytales, hearts, sparkles, pink, pink and more pink. So a holiday that involves all of that? A slam dunk for her. Last year I surprised her in the morning with her first tea set tied with a red balloon—side note, just about anything involving a balloon feels like a party to her, that in itself would make a toddler’s day. The pink floral tea set is still her favorite to this day. We sip “blueberry” (pretend) tea, her favorite, multiple times a day and find her stuffed animals gathered around a table on the regular. Naturally I had to find something she would love just as much this year, with a balloon attached of course. Here’s a look at some sweet finds I came across.Click to read more >