There are loads of different factors that can offset our skin—diet, hormones, sugar, not drinking enough water, weather, stress and the list goes on. I experienced this first hand after Elin was born. I had some weird break-outs and overall my skin felt dry, irritated and blah. So I decided to spoil myself with a facial at a local spot that I heard rave reviews about—Skin Resolutions, more specifically an esthetician name Shelly. Fast forward two years and I’m still seeing her because she works magic on my skin and helps me keep my daily regimen in check. Here’s what it’s looked like these last couple of months.Click to read more >

I’m all about the idea that “less is more,” especially when it comes to everyday makeup. My time is limited in the morning so I stick to a pretty simple routine that I make subtle changes to once in a while. Lately I’ve been loving a touch of pink and shine to brighten up my pale skin as we move into spring. Here’s how I’ve been creating a flushed spring glow.Click to read more >

Nothing fills me up with more beauty inspiration than some good old’ Oscar red carpet viewing. The gowns, the perfect makeup, new trends and Hollywood waves are enough to put stars in your eyes. I’m all about soaking in beauty tips, tricks from the pros and discovering new products so I gladly accepted an invitation earlier this week to hop down to LA for a post Oscar party with QVC and BeautyIQ. Click to read more >