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January… the Monday of the year. Also the time when everything grows a bit dull and requires a little something extra. Finding solutions to über dry skin is an on-going battle. But I also find that little discoveries in the beauty department is just what this month needs. It’s the little things that can bring needed excitement to an otherwise ho hum month. Here are some recent favorites that I’ve been loving so far this year…Click to read more >

bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-7It’s the dead of winter, which means right about now we’re all dreaming about being on an island somewhere working on our tan and sporting a dewey sun kissed glow. Sounds amazing right? I don’t think anyone would argue that a tropical getaway would turn their dry, rough and irritated skin around in a heartbeat. But until I buy those plane tickets, I’ll be relying on a few tips and tricks to help my skin get through these cold months. From someone who already has dry/sensitive skin, here is a winter routine that has been working wonders for me.Click to read more >


In my thirty-something years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a redhead. I came from a tribe (youngest of four, daughter of two, granddaughter to two) of them and somehow instantly bond with any fellow ginger I encounter. It’s true, we do have a secret language. My hair remained untouched for the last three decades—thanks to my mom who protested any wild idea that popped into my head and my lean towards low-maintenance beauty—until recently. Click to read more >

laura-mercier-could-i-have-that-rose-lipsIt’s here. The incredibly dry weather that seems to zap any moisture from your skin, leaving things feeling dull and irritated. When it comes to beauty there’s nothing worse than that feeling. So lately I’ve been finding all kinds of remedies to help ease the winter beauty blues. Click to read more >

Nexxus-Salon-New-York-Could-i-have-that-5On a recent trip to New York I had the chance to swing by the Nexxus Salon New York for a consultation and cut with famed hair guru and global creative director, Kevin Mancuso—he’s worked with an impressive list of celebrities… no biggie! I’ve been using (and loving) the products for a few months now so I was giddy to check out the beautiful and incredibly chic salon in Tribeca. Click to read more >

dry-skin-remedies-could-i-have-thatThere are so many things that I love about fall. Bundling up in layers, being cozy by a fire, celebrating the holidays, hot cocoa, comfort foods and the list goes on. The one thing I loathe with the cooler temps every year is dry winter skin. It’s the worst. Or at least I feel like I’m constantly battling that dry feeling. I’ve tried almost every trick in the book but this year I’m going in with a secret weapon. Click to read more >

Sunday-LoveI used to love Sundays because it meant sleeping in, getting brunch and napping post mimosas. Nowadays, with a toddler running around, Sundays have taken on a new kind of rhythm. While it still acts as the most relaxed day of the week, and by far my favorite, to me Sundays are about soaking in some of the sweetest moments with my two favorite people. Everything else just melts away. We purposefully leave the day open ended and reserved for whatever we wake up wanting to do. My style/beauty approach for such a carefree agenda usually goes something like this.Click to read more >