beauty-bag-august-could-i-have-thatTwo things come to mind when I think about beauty in the month of August—air dry and low maintenance. The thought of turning on a hair dryer is just as bad as a foggy day and any routine that takes more than 10 minutes is a drag when the sun is calling your name. Here are a few favorites I’ve been obsessed with lately that support my busy days and summer glow.Click to read more >

July Beauty BagI have about three oversized bags laying around my house that have become beach/pool/diaper/purse/all of the above bags. Each one of them is filled to the brim with towels, extra bathing suits, lip balm, sunscreens, wipes, makeup remover and more. I use whatever is in each one, because there’s plenty of everything, but the few things that I make sure to transfer into the chosen tote before heading out the door are these 5 current favorites. Click to read more >

Lilah B Cosmetics

The other day I rummaged through my makeup drawer looking for mascara and had to dig through a sea of products, a real mess. I realized that I had one too many of everything and found myself wishing for a more organized, simple routine that didn’t require so much real estate. I recently came across a new line of makeup called Lilah B. and I’m not only obsessed with the quality and packaging (which looks and feels like a smooth stone) but some of the products are two in one, allowing you to create a look with less—hello organized makeup drawer! The Divine Duo lip and cheek tints are my favorite. I throw them in my bag during the day for afternoon touch ups, mix a teensy bit with my daily moisturizer for a dewy cheek and layer it on thick at night for a sultry look. Here’s a peek at a daytime look I created with some Lilah B. favorites.

Above: Lilah B. bronzer, lip and cheek tints and flawless foundationClick to read more >

Laura Mercier EssentialsThere are a handful of beauty products that take up permanent real estate in my drawer of tricks. It’s usually pretty obvious which ones they are because the bottles/compacts/tubes etc. are nearly empty and the labels are starting to rub off. They’re also the same things that I replenish in a tizzy if I get close to running out—a day couldn’t possibly go on without them gasp! Nine times out of ten its something from Laura Mercier. For years now I’ve relied on essentials from the line and have yet to encounter something that I didn’t absolutely love.Click to read more >

May Beauty BagI caught our weather lady on the news yesterday with a giant grin as she delivered nothing but high temperatures and perfect beach weather for Saturday and Sunday. At first I was giddy about pulling out a swimsuit and cover up and then it dawned on me… Click to read more >

Beauty BagNothing floats my boat more than finding a product that simply works. We all have some kind of beauty issue that we’re always trying to address and when the solution finally presents itself life just gets better and the tip gets passed on. So here’s my discovery for the month. Click to read more >