CIHT_4.19.16_001Even though I am a redhead who can get a shade darker in the sun (without burning) I still know that my freckle prone skin type is sensitive when it comes to soaking in some sunshine. But I love a good tan and am convinced I look better with a tan. In turn, I’ve become a lover of a little enhancement from time to time. Click to read more >

CIHT_12.20.15_HR_105Last week I found myself pinning fervently will sipping down my morning cup of jo. I got carried away and before I knew it a good 30 minutes had gone by—always the case when entering the world Pinterest. I found myself falling down a rabbit hole of hair inspiration. Something about warm beach bound days gives me heart palpitations for unruly waves, messy high buns and anything that says “I’m on vacation.”Click to read more >

BEAUTYBAG-MARSomething about the arrival of Spring has me stripping down my makeup routine to a natural, fresh faced glow. Wearing hardly anything besides a tinted moisturizer, bronzer and a swipe of light pink on my lips. Besides exfoliating and moisturizing daily, I’ve found a few other product favorites to help achieve that dewy glow. Click to read more >

COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.9.16_260Not too long ago I went through a stage of frustration with my hair. I wanted it to look different so I tried a million different products, a handful of hot tools, styling techniques and even played around with color—a first for me. After months of putting my hair through torture I realized it was becoming more and more unmanageable. On top of that I had just had a baby and my hair texture changed along with some awkward baby hairs that grew in around my hairline, one of the odd tricks our hormones play on us. Here are five ways I turned things around and changed my hair in weeks. Click to read more >

CIHT_FEB_2015_PALM_SPRINGS_076All I wanted to do this past year was change up my hair. I tirelessly pinned images, dabbled in color for the first time ever and attempted to teach myself new styling tricks. I went through loads of different products and sometimes left the house in a slicked back low bun after struggling for 20 minutes too long in front of the mirror. Turns out all along I just needed to let my hair do it’s thing, aka air dried. Click to read more >

beauty bag
January… the Monday of the year. Also the time when everything grows a bit dull and requires a little something extra. Finding solutions to über dry skin is an on-going battle. But I also find that little discoveries in the beauty department is just what this month needs. It’s the little things that can bring needed excitement to an otherwise ho hum month. Here are some recent favorites that I’ve been loving so far this year…Click to read more >

bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-7It’s the dead of winter, which means right about now we’re all dreaming about being on an island somewhere working on our tan and sporting a dewey sun kissed glow. Sounds amazing right? I don’t think anyone would argue that a tropical getaway would turn their dry, rough and irritated skin around in a heartbeat. But until I buy those plane tickets, I’ll be relying on a few tips and tricks to help my skin get through these cold months. From someone who already has dry/sensitive skin, here is a winter routine that has been working wonders for me.Click to read more >


In my thirty-something years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a redhead. I came from a tribe (youngest of four, daughter of two, granddaughter to two) of them and somehow instantly bond with any fellow ginger I encounter. It’s true, we do have a secret language. My hair remained untouched for the last three decades—thanks to my mom who protested any wild idea that popped into my head and my lean towards low-maintenance beauty—until recently. Click to read more >