Is it just me or does getting up in the morning get harder and harder as the days get darker and darker. I’m like a monster when I finally drag myself out from under the sheets with a serious case of bedhead—and i mean serious. The morning rush sets in and between making breakfast, getting Elin’s lunch ready there’s little time to fuss with my medusa look. Enter the bun. Click to read more >

You know it’s officially fall when you’re skin starts feeling like a raisin. I have dry skin to begin with so every year around this time I get a jump start on keeping my skin hydrated and glowing. I’ve tried a million different products, tips and tricks throughout the years but I have to say this time around I think I’ve finally found the secret recipe.Click to read more >

My makeup routine doesn’t stray from being as minimal and natural as I can make it, however I do change up products fairly often. Lately I’ve been on the go—a lot—and have found myself throwing some essentials in my bag for long days in LA or times when I know I won’t be able to run home and freshen up. Truth is, you really only need a few favorites to brighten up your face when it needs it.Click to read more >