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Skin FixAside from killer blazers, statement boots and a great hat, my most important fall essential is one that I never leave home without… hand lotion. Each year I end up battling the dry weather with annoyingly dry hands and constantly trying out new alternatives. And let’s be honest jewelry doesn’t look the greatest on parched paws. So every September/October, like clockwork, I run out for a new batch of lotions and potions to ward off dull and dry skin. In my endless trials of testing and tossing I’m happy to say that I’ve found a miracle product that not only gets the job done but is reasonable on the wallet and available at your nearest Target. Continue reading

Beauty Bag

October Beauty BagIt always feels good when someone tells you that your skin is glowing. I was surprised and flattered after hearing this twice last week, a rare compliment at this time of year considering I’m notoriously dealing with a dull and dry complexion. So what’s been my secret? Continue reading