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Beauty Bag

October Beauty BagIt always feels good when someone tells you that your skin is glowing. I was surprised and flattered after hearing this twice last week, a rare compliment at this time of year considering I’m notoriously dealing with a dull and dry complexion. So what’s been my secret? Continue reading

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Everyone deserves to indulge a little from time to time. Two things I’ve been spoiling myself with lately is breakfast out, which usually includes a cinnamon roll (blame it on the pregnancy), and new makeup. Typically I wear very little on a daily basis—light powder and mascara at the most—but I’ve been discovering some pretty amazing products that have been inspiring me go the extra mile before stepping out of the house. One place I love to go for testing and discovering new favorites is Nordstrom. My latest obsession has been the new Charlotte Tilbury line. Everything the famed makeup artist has created seems to give that subtle glow that I’m always trying to achieve. Here are three favorites I scooped up and now completely rely on.  Continue reading