My hair routine as of late has been a flip flop between air drying or a blow out. As much as I love to air dry, sometimes my front pieces have a mind of their own and either way I end up using the hair dryer. What I do love about air drying is the texture and messiness my hair takes on—but it’s a fine line keeping the frizz under control in that mix. I recently found some products from Living Proof’s updated Style Lab line that give me a little of both, one of which is their brand new T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler. It works on wet and dry hair and it does it all: it tames, it smoothes and you can even use it to deconstruct to get a more undone and piece-y look. I’m coining it the “undone blowout”. Click to read more >

The best kind of makeup, if you ask me, is the kind that doesn’t look like your wearing any at all. The flawless face starts with the right products, so I’ve learned over time. After trying many different ones, I’ve found three essentials to be key for getting that glowing natural look that lasts all day—found at Sephora, a playground for beauty junkies like myself. Click to read more >

Nothing makes your hair wig out more than humidity and that ocean breeze. We’ve spent a lot of time at the beach this summer and I’ve learned a few things and discovered some favorite products for controlling hair by the sea. I hid under a hat for the first part of summer because my hair mop was better off in a bun, but my recent routine has been working wonders. So here it goes…Click to read more >