As I inch towards my mid thirties, the beauty topic that catches my eye the most these days is anything relating to aging. A gray hair here or a wrinkle there starts to make a girl wonder if she’s doing everything possible to keep her skin and health in check. Click to read more >


I’m always looking for ways to simplify my everyday routine. From the moment I wake up to the second my head hits the pillow, its pretty much go go go in my world. And if I’m being honest, down right hectic at times since I’m not the most organized. Needless to say I jump for beauty looks that are effective yet easy to pull off while requiring minimum time. I partnered with Charlotte Tilbury to share two looks from her Quick n’ Easy collection that spoke to my lifestyle the most. Her products and palettes are designed for a 5-minute makeover—I jumped at the chance to try out the curated collection. Here’s a glimpse into my day and the favorites I used to create two looks, Natural Glowing and Smokey Eyes.Click to read more >

I have always considered myself a good traveler, but I have to admit that I may have become an expert in recent weeks. As lucky as I have been to hop back and forth between four countries in nearly four weeks, I am looking forward to a cozy Holiday at home with the family. But in the mean time – through my travels to Australia, New Zealand, Paris, and Morocco – I have compiled the essential list of must-haves for those wander-lust loved ones on your Christmas list this season.Click to read more >