Motherhood is pure chaos at times—don’t let these pictures fool you. While it is a total juggle there are moments that force you to slow down, way down, and just read a book. For us this is usually at the end of the day. Cell phones are put away and Elin gets our undivided attention. We read, lounge outside or play the current favorite hide-and-go-seek, water the plants, wait for daddy to pull up and cook dinner together. It’s the best, especially during the warm Summer evenings. Click to read more >

Somewhere in the last couple of months Elin has started picking out her own outfits—this girl knows what she wants to wear. I love encouraging her independence in the style department but find it ten times easier to do so when I know its filled with pieces we both love. Enter the impeccable French children’s line, Bonpoint. Click to read more >