I love Fridays. But really who doesn’t? Aside from it being the kick off to the weekend (woot woot) it’s also the one weekday that I routinely reserve to spend with Elin entirely and just be a mom. There’s the occasional afternoon or late morning I get with her during the week but without fail Friday is our day. We hang with friends, hit up the library (a new favorite outing), go out to lunch, duck into the zoo or a museum and spoil ourselves with a treat—hot cocoa has been the pick as of late.Click to read more >

My spring fever was jumpstarted last weekend thanks to one warm, sunny day. Now all I can think about is what I’m going to wear this Spring. First on my list? Lots and lots of dusty, earthy shades in the “putty” family. Yep, I’m giving it my own name, but really it’s the perfect description for the color I’m craving. Not quite brown, not quite pink… putty. And so I give you a little inspiration to plant for Spring. What are your early spring favorites? Click to read more >