Sweet ThrowbackBeing the youngest of four, I trailed behind my siblings 24/7. Everything they did or said I wanted to do too. Most times they were happy to let the “Goose Pie” (my nickname) come along, but some things I was just too little for—i.e. riding in cars with boys. Click to read more >

Summer SorbetA few weeks back I spent three days, sunrise to sunset, cleaning out our garage. It was a bear of a project but the reward (besides having an über organized space in the end) was finding gems left and right that I completely forgot about. Barricaded by other boxes was my grandmother’s collection of tea cups. My first thought was to wrap them back up safely for a season that called for warm, cozy tea dates. Not much use for a tea cup at the start of winter—wrong.Click to read more >

Blue ApronHave I mentioned how much I love Blue Apron? Its like Christmas every time it arrives on our doorstep. I sigh in relief because I don’t have to decide what to make for dinner, Todd loves the job of ripping open our goodies and announcing what’s on the menu and Elin, well she just smiles and squeals about anything. This week it was Pizza Burgers, which I have to say I was skeptical about at first but ended up going in for seconds and saving the recipe.Click to read more >

Beer Braised Pork TacosTacos have always been a meal that I reserved for days that required something quick and easy. My go-to recipe consisted of a few ingredients (ground turkey or beef, Lawry’s seasoning and pinto beans) with whatever toppings we had in the house like salsa, avocados and cheese. I can make it in my sleep. Needless to say taco night has become increasingly boring, minus the margaritas. But a few weeks ago I found a recipe I ripped out of an old Bon Appetite magazine—Beer-Braised Carnitas—and it sounded far too good not to try. And I decided it was time to step up my taco game with summer around the corner—post beach tacos and beer? Slam dunk. Click to read more >

roasted-poblano-chilaquiles-could-i-have-thatWednesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week. Partially because it means the weekend is that much closer but also because a new batch of Blue Apron meals get dropped off on our doorstep. And for me that’s a mini sigh of relief that I don’t even have to think about what to make for dinner and, my least favorite, run to the grocery store. After trying it out now for a month I’m even more impressed with the super fresh produce, healthy yet creative recipes and easy step by step instructions. Some meals are recipes that I’d never attempt on my own since they involve ingredients that I’d have no idea where to find nor would I want to buy just to try once. In a nutshell, I’m a little obsessed with my Blue Apron. And for all of you… the first 50 readers who sign up here get 2 free meals!
Blue ApronClick to read more >

Blue Apron

Blue ApronI love cooking, don’t get me wrong, but every once in a while I go through slumps and find myself too busy or too exhausted to go through the motions. Especially when it involves a trip to the grocery store. When I first heard about Blue Apron it was through a friend who had just had a baby. They raved about how easy, convenient and fresh the whole meal was. So we decided to try it out ourselves while juggling our new routine with Elin. Click to read more >