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Lunching With Blue Apron

roasted-poblano-chilaquiles-could-i-have-thatWednesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week. Partially because it means the weekend is that much closer but also because a new batch of Blue Apron meals get dropped off on our doorstep. And for me that’s a mini sigh of relief that I don’t even have to think about what to make for dinner and, my least favorite, run to the grocery store. After trying it out now for a month I’m even more impressed with the super fresh produce, healthy yet creative┬árecipes and easy step by step instructions. Some meals are recipes that I’d never attempt on my own since they involve ingredients that I’d have no idea where to find nor would I want to buy just to try once. In a nutshell, I’m a little obsessed with my Blue Apron. And for all of you… the first 50 readers who sign up here get 2 free meals!
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Blue Apron

Blue ApronI love cooking, don’t get me wrong, but every once in a while I go through slumps and find myself too busy or too exhausted to go through the motions. Especially when it involves a trip to the grocery store. When I first heard about Blue Apron it was through a friend who had just had a baby. They raved about how easy, convenient and fresh the whole meal was. So we decided to try it out ourselves while juggling our new routine with Elin. Continue reading

Camille Styles Entertaining

Camille Styles EntertainingOver the past week I’ve found myself re-inspired to get busy in the kitchen, invite friends over and entertain like a pro. I give full credit for my sudden motivation to my friend Camille Styles who just released her new book Camille Styles Entertaining, which is filled with everything from recipes, decor tips, seasonal ideas and more. Lucky for me I got an advance copy and was able to test out a recipe that immediately caught my eye: Caramelized Onion and Prosciutto Pizza. I spotted it in the “pizza grilling party” chapter (something I’m determined to do some day!) and made a few modifications since our grill was out of commission. I highly recommend picking up this gem, I promise it will leave you inspired!

my pizza making essentials… and something I desperately need (a round pizza stone!)

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