Since moving into my new office, my weekdays have become much more structured and focused. It’s amazing how much you can get done when the environment is just right. And while I do love my new space, every once in a while I like to change the scenery and plug in at a coffee shop or sprawl out my work on our Moroccan rug at home. But like any long day (wherever I am), I’ve discovered that little pick-me-ups are key to staying focused, motivated and productive.Click to read more >

Easter Header

I LOVE brunching. I love the food, the ambiance, the company, the cocktails, and everything that dining mid-day entails. I also love stylish entertaining by incorporating the colors and textures that I am obsessing over at the time. This year, I have especially been looking forward to Easter for the excuse to finally break out my Spring wardrobe favorites and spend a sunny morning with my favorite people and bites. Click to read more >

dsc04742The imminent arrival of Spring already has me craving bright colors and breezy outdoor meals. We are so lucky to have already experienced a taste of warmer weather here in Santa Barbara as soon as mid-February. Either way, I have still found myself dreaming of a warm, bright and sunny adventure. With an emerging art, fashion, and food scene, Mexico City has become a recent hot spot of interest. Click to read more >

CIHT_FRIENDSGIVING_STILLS_2015_112Something about the holidays brings out my sentimental side. So much so, this year I decided to round up some of my closest friends for a “Friendsgiving” before the holiday hustle kicked in. When I think about some of the things I’m most grateful for, my close-knit group of buddies (and our minis) are at the top of the list, so I wanted to give them something extra special while celebrating our growing families.Click to read more >

CIHT_NYFW_2015_658One of the highlights of visiting New York for me has always been the food. I joke that I end up eating my way through the city, but in all honesty, there are too many good restaurants to pass up. I have an ever-growing list of “favorites” that I try to swing by every time but stumbling upon something new is the best kind of New York experience. Click to read more >

CIHT_9.3.15_003There’s nothing like returning from a trip and remembering how good the comforts of home are. Things like your own cozy bed, routines, coffee in your favorite robe and most importantly homemade meals that are fresh and oh so pleasing to the soul. While I love being on vacation and dining out for almost every meal, nothing beats a good dinner cooked by your own two hands. I’ve talked about how much we love our Blue Apron subscription (read more here and here) but this month I had a whole new appreciation for the service that made returning from a trip a million times easier.Click to read more >

flavored-water-four-ways-could-i-have-that_1We spent three days with my 94-year-old grandparents last weekend and like always I found myself taking notes. From their little routines, interactions with each other and statements that only someone with nearly a century of perspective could word as perfectly as they do, I did my best to soak it all in. Click to read more >