We spend a lot of time on our white-sheet clad bed from lazy mornings to afternoon siestas, all of which you might catch on my Instagram from time to time. But what you don’t see in my semi-staged cozy situations is the secret behind keeping those sheets fresh and clean. Coffee spills do happen and a 2-year-old who loves berries inevitably leaves purple paw marks on the regular.Click to read more >

With every new season comes a new set of lifestyle elements to have fun with. From produce and recipes to entertaining and clothing, four times a year we get a new tune to dance to and I personally love it. I treat my home just like my wardrobe by adding a few additions here and there to make it reflect the season. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding flowers or new bedding while other times I’m inspired to add a new piece of furniture or paint color. Now that we’re coasting into winter and spending more time at home I felt like our quaint little cottage needed something extra this time around.Click to read more >

I’ve turned into a bit of a lounge lizard recently since Spring showed face. Soaking in the sunshine has never felt better and this past week I think I found myself stealing even just 5 minutes here and there. I’m blaming the perfectly warm and breezy days along with the discovery of Hedgehouse throwbeds for a whopping 4-day picnic streak last week. I literally didn’t unpack any of my “essentials” because there was no reason to with a sunshine-everyday forecast. So while I’m sitting at my dining room table staring at the stack of things I need to put back, I figured I’d share my top 5 lounging essentials. Here it goes.Click to read more >