It’s been almost four years since I moved into Todd’s bachelor pad. In that time we’ve gotten married, had a baby, remodeled the kitchen, turned the garage into an office (sort of) and bought our first couch together. The one room that has remained stagnant over the years is our bedroom. Besides adding new drapes, it’s gone unchanged for the most part until recently. Click to read more >

Marianne-Brandi-and-Keld-Mikkelsen-Gallery-Wall-outside-CopenhagenTodd and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on Monday and it’s amazing to think of the memories, milestones, adventures and photos we have in that short amount of time. Putting together a gallery wall has been something I’ve wanted to do since we got our wedding photos back but a home remodel, traveling, life and just plain procrastination kept prolonging my project. We recently moved a few things around in our living room and a large blank wall now awaits. I’ve been gathering art wall inspiration and one thing I definitely wanted was a mix of photos, art and objects. When Aaron Brothers offered to help me frame something creative for the wall I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Click to read more >

Could I Have That KitchenLast August we finally got around to remodeling our kitchen. It was in dire need of a major facelift and for us it was an important thing to check off our list before our baby arrived. Boy am I glad we got it out of the way. Having a well designed and functioning kitchen makes the world of a difference in an everyday routine.Click to read more >

The Nursery

The NurseryI’ve been giddy these days about sharing a recent (and extra special) project with all of you. I teamed up with Anthropologie to create a nursery for baby W and its become one of my favorite rooms in our house. What they say about “nesting” is most definitely true. Click to read more >

Could I Have ThatIt was around this time last year when my husband and I were out and about registering for our wedding. And yes that little gun is loads of fun. We entered the process with a pretty clear idea of what we really needed and planned on sticking to the necessities. Low on the list was china. It seemed like such a formal (and expensive) thing that we would never use and everything I had seen was so, not us. That was the thought process until I was stopped dead in my tracks by the most beautiful, classic gold rimmed china set. Click to read more >