I’m beyond excited to share our first issue of Could I Have That? Mini—a digital magazine rounding up some of my favorite topics when it comes to all things kiddos. When I became a mama to Elin I wanted to share so much of this new side of my life without letting it take over completely. In other words, I didn’t want to stray from what the core of this space is, lifestyle at its best. Being a parent is just an element within that picture. So I came up with the idea to carve out a spot where I could unleash all the different things baby/kid-related that I’ve been itching to share with all of you without bombarding those that may not be picking up Cheerios on the regular. Enter a digital magazine. Click to read more >

could-i-have-that-office-anthropologie-3When our spare bedroom/office turned into a nursery I knew it was time to find a separate space (aside from our home) to retreat to. After months of looking I finally found something that feels just right. As I mentioned here, it’s in an up and coming industrial part of Santa Barbara called the Funk Zone, a hop skip and a jump from good food and a few blocks from the beach. Needless to say I was excited to move in and make it my own. I partnered with Anthropologie to design the space and created something that feels exactly how I envisioned my office—airy, sleek, sophisticated and minimal. Click to read more >

ShelfStyle1Organization and streamlined storage is the key to success for any busy lifestyle. Equally as important though is creating a beautiful space that is inspiring to live and work within. When picking out essentials for my new work space (read more about it here and here) a wall of shelves was at the top of the list. I knew it would provide tons of options for organizing but I also loved the idea of displaying certain things that bring me constant inspiration. As I stared at my blank (pre-filled) shelves the thought of where to start entered my mind. Click to read more >

CIHT_3.2.16_006There’s nothing better than getting to create a new space from a blank canvas. You get the chance to run with an idea, start from a chair you’ve been coveting or pick a spot in the room that’s your favorite and design everything around it. The options are endless and the jumping off point is in your hands. When I moved into my new office (read more about it here) I had nothing more than some borrowed tables and chairs, a printer and some files—basically a blank canvas. I partnered with Anthropologie to create my dream workspace and have been having loads of fun in the process. Click to read more >

I am excited to share that I have recently moved into a new office space. The space is located in a lively area of Santa Barbara, lovingly referred to as the “Funk Zone” by locals. Nestled near the train station, the area is home to an eclectic collection of warehouses, industrial operations, art galleries, and more recently, an impressive collection of hip eateries, and award-winning microbreweries and wineries. The overall vibe of the neighborhood is lively, creative, and offers a different feel than the rest of Santa Barbara.Click to read more >

pop-of-pink-could-i-have-that-freshly-pickedWhen I first designed Elin’s room (seen here) it was as neutral as could be. Since we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl at the time I went with white, wheat and touches of slate gray. It felt so serene, soft and tranquil every time we walked in, I absolutely loved it. Click to read more >


It’s been almost four years since I moved into Todd’s bachelor pad. In that time we’ve gotten married, had a baby, remodeled the kitchen, turned the garage into an office (sort of) and bought our first couch together. The one room that has remained stagnant over the years is our bedroom. Besides adding new drapes, it’s gone unchanged for the most part until recently. Click to read more >

Marianne-Brandi-and-Keld-Mikkelsen-Gallery-Wall-outside-CopenhagenTodd and I are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary on Monday and it’s amazing to think of the memories, milestones, adventures and photos we have in that short amount of time. Putting together a gallery wall has been something I’ve wanted to do since we got our wedding photos back but a home remodel, traveling, life and just plain procrastination kept prolonging my project. We recently moved a few things around in our living room and a large blank wall now awaits. I’ve been gathering art wall inspiration and one thing I definitely wanted was a mix of photos, art and objects. When Aaron Brothers offered to help me frame something creative for the wall I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Click to read more >