While our prolonged sunny weather in Santa Barbara may suggest otherwise, Fall is truly upon us which not only has me forcing the issue by grabbing my cozy sweaters and favorite jackets whenever possible – but it also has me craving my favorite Fall flavors in the kitchen. Fully embracing the season’s best ingredients (like butternut squash!) is a sure way for me to get in the mood for the change of the season. Just as I seek out new inspiration for my Fall wardrobe, I’ve been craving a little switch up in the kitchen as well. I thought I would share some inspiration I found for this season in the kitchen…Click to read more >

While I love running off to travel, there’s something about home that always feels so good. Those moments at home when you sink into your favorite chair or routines with family that are so precious you want to bottle them up forever. They’re the rituals that deepen our relationship to our personal space and timestamp memories in our lives. It’s why moving or saying goodbye to your childhood home is never easy.Click to read more >

We spend a lot of time on our white-sheet clad bed from lazy mornings to afternoon siestas, all of which you might catch on my Instagram from time to time. But what you don’t see in my semi-staged cozy situations is the secret behind keeping those sheets fresh and clean. Coffee spills do happen and a 2-year-old who loves berries inevitably leaves purple paw marks on the regular.Click to read more >