With every new season comes a new set of lifestyle elements to have fun with. From produce and recipes to entertaining and clothing, four times a year we get a new tune to dance to and I personally love it. I treat my home just like my wardrobe by adding a few additions here and there to make it reflect the season. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding flowers or new bedding while other times I’m inspired to add a new piece of furniture or paint color. Now that we’re coasting into winter and spending more time at home I felt like our quaint little cottage needed something extra this time around.Click to read more >

My spring fever was jumpstarted last weekend thanks to one warm, sunny day. Now all I can think about is what I’m going to wear this Spring. First on my list? Lots and lots of dusty, earthy shades in the “putty” family. Yep, I’m giving it my own name, but really it’s the perfect description for the color I’m craving. Not quite brown, not quite pink… putty. And so I give you a little inspiration to plant for Spring. What are your early spring favorites? Click to read more >

As a mother of a girl, Valentine’s Day has never been so fun. Elin is all about tea parties, tutus, fairytales, hearts, sparkles, pink, pink and more pink. So a holiday that involves all of that? A slam dunk for her. Last year I surprised her in the morning with her first tea set tied with a red balloon—side note, just about anything involving a balloon feels like a party to her, that in itself would make a toddler’s day. The pink floral tea set is still her favorite to this day. We sip “blueberry” (pretend) tea, her favorite, multiple times a day and find her stuffed animals gathered around a table on the regular. Naturally I had to find something she would love just as much this year, with a balloon attached of course. Here’s a look at some sweet finds I came across.Click to read more >