Normally when it comes to dessert I veer straight for the chocolate, and usually have trouble sharing with my husband. It’s safe to say I have a bonafide sweet tooth, in fact it might be one of my defining qualities as a human. But when I tasted my mother-in-law’s homemade lemon curd tart made with the lemons from her orchard—also where we had our wedding—I literally couldn’t contain myself it was so good. Move aside chocolate. I asked for the recipe and now order it (and sometimes make it) any chance I get, especially on a sunny day. Click to read more >

If you’re not already privy to the über cool footwear line, Frēda Salvador, than you might want to pull up a seat. The San Francisco based company is run by two of the coolest chicks around, Cristina Palomo-Nelson and Megan Papay—also moms who you can read more about in this mini magazine. I’ve been wearing their shoes for the past few years and have grown even more obsessed with their growing collection. Click to read more >

To be completely honest, most of my days can be chalked up to a constant effort towards finding that perfect balance. Between work and family, comfort versus style, feminine ruffles paired with distressed denim—even choosing salad for lunch and skipping the second cookie – life is all about maintaining a balance. As mommas, we might arguably be the best at this little skill – always finding ways to multi-task and wear multiple hats—so with that in mind, this next gift guide is aimed at pleasing the on-the-go versatile lady—who will do anything she can to stretch every minute of the day and look good while doing it!Click to read more >