There really isn’t anything sweeter than those warm summer evenings. I live for them, look forward to them year-round and savor them when they’re finally here. We’re just at the beginning of my favorite season but like always the days seem to fly by so there’s no better time than now to start planning and doing your favorite summertime ‘musts’. At the top of my list is always an evening beach picnic. So without hesitation I joined forces with one of my latest discoveries (and obsessions), The White Company, who recently opened up shop in New York. The UK-based company hopped across the pond to bring us all things clean, cozy and white—from your wardrobe to your home—and I can’t get enough.Click to read more >

Normally when it comes to dessert I veer straight for the chocolate, and usually have trouble sharing with my husband. It’s safe to say I have a bonafide sweet tooth, in fact it might be one of my defining qualities as a human. But when I tasted my mother-in-law’s homemade lemon curd tart made with the lemons from her orchard—also where we had our wedding—I literally couldn’t contain myself it was so good. Move aside chocolate. I asked for the recipe and now order it (and sometimes make it) any chance I get, especially on a sunny day. Click to read more >