Normally when it comes to dessert I veer straight for the chocolate, and usually have trouble sharing with my husband. It’s safe to say I have a bonafide sweet tooth, in fact it might be one of my defining qualities as a human. But when I tasted my mother-in-law’s homemade lemon curd tart made with the lemons from her orchard—also where we had our wedding—I literally couldn’t contain myself it was so good. Move aside chocolate. I asked for the recipe and now order it (and sometimes make it) any chance I get, especially on a sunny day. Click to read more >

While I love a good splash of floral or crisp clean whites for spring, denim blues mixed with year-round black accessories always seems like a good idea. Lately I can’t seem to get enough of my denim, especially the cropped flared shape, paired with mules or slides (spring’s must-have). The deep dark blue with a worn-in wash topped with classic timeless black pieces has been my M.O. as of late. While I rely on the chic combo regularly there are few rules I live by when wearing the two. Click to read more >

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but finding “me” time has proved to be key when it comes to the juggle of life. And while there never really is a perfect balance, allowing ourselves to step back and have those little breaks can put a lot of things in perspective. I think better, sleep better and even interact better with people when I’m diligent about checking in on my stress levels. Click to read more >