I don’t know about you guys but our calendar is getting FULL over here with all kinds of Holiday parties, family get togethers and other fun happenings on the horizon. And since it’s a time we’re all documenting life so much, we might as well put in the extra effort when it comes to our kids. After all, it’s by far the sweetest most magical time for them. I’ll admit, I love finding cute holiday looks for Elin so I got inspired to round up some favorites I came across like this Bonpoint velvet and lace dress pictured.Click to read more >

There’s really nothing cuter than Halloween when you’re under five. It’s like the puppy bowl but better. Elin will take any excuse to step out of the house as orphan Annie—real tap shoes and all—so we’ve been hitting just about every party, pumpkin carving nights and parades we can get to. It’s safe to say we’ve been riding the halloween train hard this year. But I have to say the costume has held up. And when I tell you it was the easiest thing to put together, it really was (thank youuu Amazon Prime). Next year I’ll be one of those mom’s who slaves over a costume for hours, or maybe not. Click to read more >

If you ask Elin how old she is, she quickly replies, “two but I turn three tomorrow!” Tomorrow is actually in a month, which makes me smile every time especially when she gets a “happy birthday!” response and her face lights up. If only I could bottle up this sweet age. While her personality shines through more and more everyday so does her confidence in knowing exactly what she wants. From glittery shoes and tutus to every song on the Annie soundtrack, you know it’s on her favorites list when you see that grin beaming from ear to ear—be still my heart.Click to read more >