Laura Mercier Lip ParfaitThe Nordstrom Anniversary sale is upon us so I figured I would round up some of my favorites, since I just spent about 2 hours browsing for myself—guilty! But really, there are some sweet scores since it’s all new merchandise (fall collections) that only go on sale for a short period of time and then they go right back up to the regular sticker price by August 8th. The math on that is less than 2 weeks, which means now is the time to pull the trigger and invest in those bigger fall splurges you’ve been thinking about. Here are some of the splurge-worthy favorites I currently have my eye on…Click to read more >

CIHT_TAHOE_603 This summer I’ve spent more time out in the country than I have in the city and I have to admit, it feels good. I can easily say at this point of my life, living on a ranch or farm sounds like a dream. Waking up in a remote place and drinking my coffee without hearing a single car or horn in the distance is quite possibly the most calming feeling. Click to read more >

CIHT_TAHOE_418I’ve had my fair share of bikini days this summer, making a point to seize the sunshine! I’ve managed to hop around both coasts, dive into lakes and oceans and put in some time poolside. It’s been a pretty epic summer to say the least. And one thing I’ve been wearing the most of? Click to read more >

tahoe-summer-could-i-have-that-6Everywhere I travel, I love to pick out one thing to come home with that will have longevity and remind me of the place I visited. To me, filling a home (and wardrobe) with objects and pieces from different adventures makes a person’s style ten times more interesting. Click to read more >

summer-sneakers-could-i-have-that-5I’ve been living these sneakers by The Office Of Angela Scott these days and it made me realize how essential a good pair of kicks are for the summer months. The carefree days call for casual comfort and a sense of adventure so stocking up on a handful of pairs makes total sense—am I right or am I right? In my world it does. I pulled out all of my favorites recently and have been grabbing them to wear with denim shorts, summer dresses and cropped jeans. Each pair functions for me in a different way, so I thought I would share the different types of sneakers I’ve been gravitating towards the most. Here it goes…Click to read more >

CIHT_NYC_JUNE_153Of all the times I’ve been to New York City, I’ve never actually spent time enjoying Central Park. I’ve dashed in for a quick glimpse and moment, driven through on a snowy February day and been turned away by rain another time. So on a recent trip we made a point to go on a perfect Saturday and do as the New Yorkers do, find sunshine and a patch of grass. Click to read more >