Could I Have That

Its the middle of summer which makes me utterly happy yet a teensy bit melancholy knowing that my favorite season is coming to a close sooner than later. It also lights a fire underneath me to do (and wear) all the things I love on a carefree summer day. At the top of the list is wearing all white. Not that I don’t wear a monochromatic crisp look the rest of the year but something about it in the height of July is too good.Click to read more >

Summer WhiteWelcome to the new home of Could I Have That!

I’m beyond excited to be unveiling a fresh new look that I’ve been working on over the last year. This month marks 6 years that I first started blogging and I’m happy to say that life (and Could I Have That) has blossomed in ways that have far surpassed my dreams. I hope that this new redesign provides an experience that is easier to navigate, full of more content/finds and inspiration for you all to fill up on.

So what’s new here?Click to read more >

Could I Have ThatDuring my elementary school years I had to wear a uniform. A gray monotone plaid skirt, a white polo shirt and navy sweaters. I hated it at first, then got used to it (especially when they allowed me to shorten my skirt) and in my final years loathed it more than anything. Click to read more >