Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate eggs, easter baskets, brunching, mimosas (how many was that?) and all the other sweet things that come along with Easter, but my favorite part is getting to pull out those crisp whites. It always feels like the first legitimate excuse of the year to leave the house in something so clean and bright—and I’m takin’ it. Click to read more >

Alicia Lund, one of my favorite friends on this planet, popped into town recently with her family. Since we had sweet 4-month-old Rex and my 2-year-old jumping bean Elin in tow we decided that a picnic was the best way to catch up and spend some time together. We picked a grassy courtyard at their hotel—The Biltmore Four Seasons Resort—and set up shop for a pre-dinner cheese, wine and chocolate spread. Click to read more >

I’ve turned into a bit of a lounge lizard recently since Spring showed face. Soaking in the sunshine has never felt better and this past week I think I found myself stealing even just 5 minutes here and there. I’m blaming the perfectly warm and breezy days along with the discovery of Hedgehouse throwbeds for a whopping 4-day picnic streak last week. I literally didn’t unpack any of my “essentials” because there was no reason to with a sunshine-everyday forecast. So while I’m sitting at my dining room table staring at the stack of things I need to put back, I figured I’d share my top 5 lounging essentials. Here it goes.Click to read more >