What you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear on top. The right bra can give you support in terms of how your clothes fit and keeping you comfortable—which is key to feeling confident. So what I’m I all about these days when it comes to my lingerie drawer? Stick with me, I’m going to spill all the details and re-introduce you to my newfound favorite Thirdlove who recently debuted some new styles.Click to read more >

There’s something about Ulla Johnson that makes me antsy for Spring. This blouse has been patiently waiting for a warm (ish) day and we finally got one over the weekend. Bonus, it was loose enough for a big ‘ol barbecue lunch at my favorite spot Wildwood Kitchen. The delicate stripes, sweet stitched details and billowy feel is all I want to wear these days—come on Spring! Here are some bits and tips from the week…Click to read more >

I love Fridays. But really who doesn’t? Aside from it being the kick off to the weekend (woot woot) it’s also the one weekday that I routinely reserve to spend with Elin entirely and just be a mom. There’s the occasional afternoon or late morning I get with her during the week but without fail Friday is our day. We hang with friends, hit up the library (a new favorite outing), go out to lunch, duck into the zoo or a museum and spoil ourselves with a treat—hot cocoa has been the pick as of late.Click to read more >