COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.9.16_153Yesterday was one of those Mondays where I immediately felt like I was a fish swimming upstream. A possible case of the Mundays. What I wanted to do was hole up inside and hide from the oddly cold and windy day that was waiting outside. But a tiny voice saying “mama” and a full day of work ahead forced me to peel the sheets away and start the coffee promptly. Click to read more >

CIHT_4.11.16_121I did a project recently that led me down the road of how my mom has influenced my style. Naturally lots of memories popped up and I immediately found myself reminiscing over my mom’s long narrow bathroom. She had this giant bathtub, with jets which I of course loved to turn on, and a stack of W magazines not far away. Click to read more >

CIHT_4.13.16_001The first few months of being a mom I found myself digging through my drawers for the softest possible tops. I was spending so much time with Elin in my arms snuggled up on my chest that anything too rough or complicated didn’t feel right. That was one of a handful of times I felt like motherhood was shaping my style. Click to read more >

White-Spring-Fever-Could-i-have-5When it comes to trends, I typically hesitate before racing out to buy whatever the latest craze is. Mostly because I want to make sure it works on my body and frame but I also like to take my time searching for the perfect version. I’ve side stepped a handful of trends that I now look back on and feel relieved I didn’t embrace. Click to read more >

express-swimwear-could-i-have-thatI’ve seen my fair share of beaches in this world. From Spain and France to Hawaii and the Seychelles, it’s safe to say that I lean towards places that require little to no clothes—i.e. bikini weather. Of all the sandy spots I’ve logged some R&R time in, I have to say Santa Barbara holds its own when it comes to beach destinations. Click to read more >

CIHT_3.31.16_064There’s this sweet time every year when all the wildflowers bloom in California. Bright orange poppies, vibrant yellow mustard flowers and shades of pink and purple coat hillsides. It looks like something out of The Sound Of Music when you drive through Santa Ynez or along highway 5 and I’m reminded of how happy the start of Spring can make you.Click to read more >