CIHT_5.25.16_LR_076I’m an advocate when it comes to the idea that less is more. Especially when talking about the essentials in my makeup bag. My latest discovery has been Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer, yep two in one. My routine as of late has been pretty minimal when it comes to beauty and I swear its partly because I love the way my skin looks with this foundation—a dewy and soft complexion. Click to read more >

CIHT_5.11.16_087Just north of Santa Barbara lies a coastline that has always left me a little more in love with California. It’s wild, rustic and mysterious to me because half the time I just glance at it through the car window on our way north wondering what’s really down that dirt road. Click to read more >

maison-du-soir-pajamasI’m a true believer in getting a solid night of sleep. I feel better, look better and my mood responds as well, which is why I take my wind down ritual pretty seriously. Aside from getting into bed on the early side, I also keep some lavender under my pillow and avoid any electronics—that one is sometimes the hardest. But my latest excuse for enhancing my bedtime routine is slipping into some luxurious pajamas. Click to read more >

CIHT_4.19.16_068In my mind there’s not much to dislike when it comes to Spring. Almost everything about it I love, the vibe, the excuses to be outside, the sunnier days, opening all the doors, picnics around every corner and the list goes on. But if I had to pick one thing I could go without during Spring, it’s the wind. Click to read more >

COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.9.16_153Yesterday was one of those Mondays where I immediately felt like I was a fish swimming upstream. A possible case of the Mundays. What I wanted to do was hole up inside and hide from the oddly cold and windy day that was waiting outside. But a tiny voice saying “mama” and a full day of work ahead forced me to peel the sheets away and start the coffee promptly. Click to read more >