CIHT_8.16.16_055Last month there was a sudden hype over cut-off denim skirts. Images circulated the webisphere and I fell face first into the flurry of this thought: “I need one now!” So naturally I got to some serious internet hunting and couldn’t nail one down that was as cool as the rugged Levi’s one I had spotted on Pinterest. Click to read more >

CIHT_4_SEASONS_022Our staycation at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore was probably one of my favorite things we did all summer. Having never really done a proper one before, I have to say it’s pretty genius taking away any travel time—more pool (or spa) and less stress overall. Our R&R was maximized and it made us appreciate our sleepy little beach town that we take for granted. We lucked out with perfect weather, a sweet little bungalow and much needed time together. Here are a few bits and tips from our weekend. Click to read more >