Rachel Roy

rachel-by-rachel-roy-could-i-have-thatI’ll be the first to admit that I have expensive taste. It’s a common occurrence when I blindly choose the highest tag on the rack and I think to myself, of course. But in my book most of the time its worth every penny for something that has a perfect fit and is well made with quality materials. The amount of wear and how it makes you feel ends up being a solid wardrobe investment in the long run. Continue reading

Undecided Destination

Whit NYCThere are a handful of things that can tip off my inner travel bug. Pinterest (always a culprit hence this board), flipping through this book we have on our coffee table, pictures of our past trips (the honeymoon le sigh), the thought of being in a bikini with an umbrella drink (is that a chorus of YES I hear!?), instagram or insta-jealous, an airline email with cheap rates and last but not least a piece of clothing that screams a certain destination.  Continue reading