ciht_121516_134Oh the excitement we Californians get when a little rain shows up on our front door steps.  It’s comical really, but even I forgot how to leave the house completely prepared and underestimated some looming clouds yesterday. For so long I’ve weighed on the “it probably won’t actually rain” that I was caught ducking under an awning while it rained cats and dogs. I quickly dashed home and bundled up in the coziest sweatshirt and ventured back out with my rain jacket in tow—hands down the coolest I’ve come across recently by Stutterheim. Click to read more >


I’m always looking for ways to simplify my everyday routine. From the moment I wake up to the second my head hits the pillow, its pretty much go go go in my world. And if I’m being honest, down right hectic at times since I’m not the most organized. Needless to say I jump for beauty looks that are effective yet easy to pull off while requiring minimum time. I partnered with Charlotte Tilbury to share two looks from her Quick n’ Easy collection that spoke to my lifestyle the most. Her products and palettes are designed for a 5-minute makeover—I jumped at the chance to try out the curated collection. Here’s a glimpse into my day and the favorites I used to create two looks, Natural Glowing and Smokey Eyes.Click to read more >

ciht_sun_valley_2016_146The first time I came to Sun Valley I was just shy of a year old, still in diapers and on my moms hip. Since then I’ve come a handful of times (seen here and here) throughout my life for family reunions, vacations, New Year’s Eve and skiing, and each time it seems to grab a hold of my heart a little more. The scenery is downright majestic any season of the year but experiencing it completely covered in tons of snow is something special. Click to read more >