I’ll take any excuse to round up some friends for a beautifully styled and cooked up dinner. Thanksgiving is next week so I thought this was the perfect time for a “Friendsgiving” and called my friend and private chef, Lori Stern. Not only are Lori’s creations incredibly beautiful and vibrant (just take a glance at her instagram page!) but she also uses only seasonal organic produce from local farmers. And because, why wouldn’t you eat outside when its still 70 degrees out, we picked my in-laws lemon orchard for an al fresco dinner. While Lori got busy in the kitchen I dressed up the table with brass and neutral colors.Click to read more >

I’ve lived most of my life in Santa Barbara—born and raised—but it wasn’t until I left for college and traveled to Europe that I realized how special it really was. From the idyllic beaches to Spanish-style architecture everywhere, it really is a gem of a spot that makes for a pretty epic backdrop everywhere you go. So where are the best spots to snap a Santa Barbara photo? I’m going to share all my location secrets with you. Click to read more >

In the summer we have bikinis, in the fall/winter months we have our coats. And even though I’m a (southern) California girl through and through, I still love making a statement with my outerwear. And considering I’m the girl that’s always cold, a cozy layer is essential. Click to read more >