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  1. Jenn

    On your Instagram from 7 weeks ago your wearing a Lola hat and an amazing button down. Who makes the shirt? Thanks love your look.

  2. Kavitha S

    Hi! I love your blog and instagram! I also loved your work with Ariel Gordon! Can you please tell me where you got your diamond stud earrings? They are so sparkly and cute!

  3. Valerie Johns

    Hi. I just saw your blog mentioned in C. Lovely work.
    I rarely approach bloggers but thought you might like my work. I have only two jewelry designs – they are a sort of jewelry for your soul/psyche.
    Then, I saw you were a mom of a young daughter and I was sure you would find my work of interest.
    Jizo is the name of the Buddhist protector of women, children and travelers (everybody) and Chibi means “little one” in Japanese. The idea is that Jizo holds Chibi safely, whether it’s our child, our inner self, a loved one. You could say my motto is, “hold the baby safe”.
    If you would like a sample to wear, to feel how my Jizo feels, I would love to send you one…
    Take a peek, let me know.
    With good wishes,


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