June 14, 2022

June Wist List

Baggy jeans, crochet everything, ballet flats, tennis necklaces (recently discovered Dorsey and I’m obsessed!) and off-white denim… I have a lot on my wishlist these...
June 14, 2022

Oversized Button-Downs

Oversized button-down shirts are without a doubt one of my favorite thing to wear during the summer. They’re the most versatile thing and I end...
June 10, 2022

Summer Outside

Even though we’re only a week out of school, it feels like Summer is in full swing. We’ve been bopping between the beach, our backyard...
June 10, 2022

Life Lately 6.10.22

Starting a new series today called “Life Lately” because I feel like I always have little bits to share from my everyday life that inspire...
June 7, 2022

My Off-White Denim Search

I’ve been really craving a good white on white look for summer but finding myself in need of some ecru/off-white denim. And as we all...


Summer Whites

Wonderland Dress

Nan Top

Utility Pant

Fisherman Sweater

Sissy Sweater

Hooded Fisherman Sweater

May 26, 2022

Memorial Day Sales

I could not be more excited about the three day weekend ahead of us. We’ll be sticking around home, going to the beach, squeezing in...
May 25, 2022

Sun Protection Musts

We’ve been spending more time in the sun lately and twice I got sun burned because I was so focused on getting the kids screened...


May 19, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend Edit

How is memorial day weekend less than two weeks away? We have zero plans other than celebrating my birthday somewhere in there—anyone else prefer quiet...


May 12, 2022

New Wheels

We’ve been having the best weather lately and I feel like I’m already in Summer mode. After renting electric bikes in Sun Valley last summer...
May 12, 2022

A Favorite Jenni Kayne Find

I ducked into the Jenni Kayne Montecito store recently to pick up a gift for Elin’s teacher—btw the candles are my go-to gift, always such...



Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Sun Drops

Cleansing Balm

Endless Summer Spray

Hyaluronic Serum

Pure Radiance Body Oil

May 4, 2022

Black Basics For Summer

My head is already in Summer with the last month of school upon us, trips on the calendar and new bathing suits ready to be...
May 3, 2022

Ariel Gordon Jewelry Giveaway

I’ve been a long (emphasis on long) time fan of Ariel Gordon Jewelry. In fact, some of you who have been following me since the...
March 3, 2022

White Dresses For Spring

The first thing I get excited about wearing when the weather starts to warm up for Spring are all my crisp white dresses that scream...


February 15, 2022

Freezing Time

I’ve been exceptionally emotional since Lila turned two about how quickly my girls are growing up. I feel like every time I turn around Elin...
February 10, 2022

February Favorites

The start of a new year is never smooth, at least for me. I always seem to fumble around searching for that bit of inspiration...


February 9, 2022

Snow Gear Favorites

Over the last 5 years we’ve made a handful of trips to Sun Valley during the winter and I’ve finally figured out my snow style...



Palisades Chair

Gingham Tablecloth Creme

Teak Tree Bowls

Large Leather Rivet Vase

Whites Detergent

Glossy White Scalloped Pitcher

Fig Candle

February 2, 2022

Hi + Lately

It’s been a minute since I’ve hopped on here to write anything so I thought I’d just say “hi” before diving into any usual content....
November 23, 2021

Guest Ready

One of the things I love about our home is that it is perfectly set up for having house guests—the guest room/bathroom is on the...
November 9, 2021

Gift Guide: My Wish List

Every year the gift guide you guys seem to shop the most is my own personal wish list. Also by far the easiest one to...
November 4, 2021

Gift Guide For Kids

Easily the most fun people to shop for during the holidays are kids. There are endless ideas and things to do with them that spark...
October 21, 2021

Fall Boots To Note

You guys know I’m a huge fan of Freda Salvador shoes and practically live in everything from the boots to the slippers and sneakers. They’re...


October 19, 2021

Gift Ideas For Home

I’ve done my fair share of Holiday hosting these past few years and I have to say the gift that someone brought as a thank...



Lip 2 Cheek Blush

A-Line Liquid Blush

Bio Bronzer

Blush in Gina

Limitless Lash Mascara

October 5, 2021

Tour Of Our Family Room

The first time I stepped foot in our home, pre remodel, this was the room that I felt had the most potential. Originally it had...


September 29, 2021

September Outfits

Normally our Santa Barbara summers never end and the hot days stretch well into September. But this year we’ve had cooler days and foggy mornings...
September 24, 2021

Sleep Essentials

While we had the best summer with the girls, traveling a bit, getting in as much beach time and sprinkler time as possible, I also...


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