DIY: Glittery Soles

While at the Lanvin showroom in Paris I spotted the prettiest pair of glittery soled stilettos (seen here) and have been thinking about them ever since. I love a touch of understated glamour and these were too perfect for a casual look in need of some subtle bling. So I got to work on a rainy day and wore them the next day—see what I paired them with! Below is a simple tutorial with a few tips I picked up during my glittery project. 
 Step 1: Tape the bottoms where the outsole arch ends. I made a V-shape on mine.
 Step 2: Get the essentials—Paint brushes, decoupage and sealing glue, glitter and tape.
 Step 3: Paint on the glue with a paintbrush, cover with glitter and shake off over a nearby sink. Be extra careful along the edges so it doesn’t look sloppy later.
 Step 4: Once dry paint on another layer of the glue/seal.
 Tip: I did the inside of the heel as well and loved how it turned out.
Step 5: Once they’re dry tap them a little to make sure the glitter is on there good… or you can leave a sparkly trail for a little while.
 Tip: To clean up the edges and bottom I took a damp cloth and lightly picked up stray glitters and used scotch tape to pick up any glue debris.

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  1. Wow; I love Lanvin shoes, and now I can made myself a similar pair! Great idea…those heels looks stunning!

    Big hugs!

  2. Oh my gosh, I need these in my life!! Now, which heels do I attack? Or better yet, which heels do I attack FIRST!

    Wonderful idea and tutorial; look forward to giving it a go!


  3. This is so cute! It could really dress up sad, black shoes that get little attention.
    I do have something to add though.. Glitter can clog sinks (trust me!!!). So maybe shake them out over something else (not the sink!).

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  5. This is soo great, and just in time for a wedding I have next week :). Question, did you find the sparkles fell off at all after you wore them for a while? I don’t want to leave a trail, lol. Any ideas how to seal it in really well so they are durable?

    Great post!! Thanks for sharing.

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