Office Space

Rustic mixed with modern elegance. 

Having a creative work space in my home is something that is high on my could i have that list. The beau and I currently have both of our desks in the guest room but have yet to style them up. And since it’s a smaller space that also needs to function in two ways we’ve been looking for inspiration to help us organize and design the room. Here are some elements we’re currently loving. 
A dual desk and shelves with leaning frames.
A collage wall of inspiration.
A lucite desk.
Strung images and quotes.
Storing magazines, books and shoes with shelves and a hanging rod.
Oriental rugs, statement lighting fixtures and a cluster of frames. 

images via rue magazine and pinterest.

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  1. Wow! That first image is amazing! The chandelier and mirror with the exposed brick and wood beams is perfect. Good luck with creating your own space..hope you’ll share some photos soon!

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  3. These selections of office designs are pretty handy. Though for me, a Lucite desk and a collage full of inspirational pictures would be the perfect combination. It’s just my opinion, though. Everybody has their own personal taste on design.

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