The Perfect Tee

could i have thatWhen it comes to summer beach cruises I have a strict policy with my fellow bikers, no hills. Trust me it’s not pretty. I’m a champ at riding downhill and on flat land but I turn into a whiny mess the second an incline hits. There’s been talk of adding a motor to my bike but until then I’ll stick to coasting, in heels of course. Other necessities for my cycling habits? Comfortable (yet stylish) basics. My recent summer obsession has been StyleMint’s new line of classic tees (designed by the Olsen girls), which come in a variety of styles and are only $29.99, a major steal considering how soft they are. This one, in my book, is the perfect tee. If you haven’t already be sure to check out StyleMint which is a members-only website that offers style suggestions based on your profile. Incredibly handy plus they offer free shipping and returns in case you don’t love what you get.

StyleMint tee, Super SunglassesPaige skinny jeans, BaubleBar Paige Novick cuff, Hipsters for Sisters belt bag, Jennifer Fisher cuffs, Zara heels, Ariel Gordon rings.
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images by jacqueline pilar

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    1. FINALLY, I found your blog! I’ve seen you on different tlumbr blogs and wanted to know who you are, because I’m so amazed with your style. You look impeccable!-

    1. long time follower and lover of your blog but first time coeimntmng — girl, you are GORGEOUS. Love the maxi skirt. Love the sunglasses. & always love your style! <

  1. I started following your blog early last year and saw those zara heels in one of your old pics. I have been obsessed with them ever since! I bought a pair this summer and I am giddy with joy. I love them. Zara should pay you for that endorsement. Ha!

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