Holiday Entertaining with Nordstrom

December 19, 2013

After picking up our Christmas tree and making our home feel festive for the holidays I decided to host a girls night with some of my closest pals. Champagne, a cheese plate, presents, sweet bites, holiday tunes and a lot of laughs… what else could a girl ask for? With a little help from Nordstrom I put on my hostess hat and filled the coffee table with a spread of things to snack on, set a fire and situated oversized pillows around it to make a cozy area to lounge.

Planning and shopping for this little get together was just as fun as hosting it, especially when it came to the gifts. There’s just something about getting out there and being a little elf that makes the season truly come alive. Plus, it makes it that much more fun when there’s so many options. If you’re still wrapping up your holiday shopping I highly recommend checking out some of the holiday gifts ideas on Nordstrom. I promise you’ll find something special for someone special.

Included in the video c/o Nordstrom: A.L.C. sweater (on me), Striped pillowsLean On Me pillow, Shaggy throw, Kate Spade gold polka dot candle, champagne glasses and wine charms, french fry basket, porcelain initial tray (Lindsey’s gift).

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