Pampas Grass Decor

January 10, 2014

Pampass Grass DecorWhen I think about my style roots, they always trace back to my incredibly cool grandmother. She has a knack for home design and fashion that I still find myself taking notes on when I’m with her. One of my favorite rooms at their ranch in Sacramento (seen here) always has an arrangement of pampas grass, adding a cool textured touch with a glamorous feeling. Lately I’ve been spending time sprucing up our home, moving things around and making plans for some bigger changes. The other day I took a tip from my grandmother and made my own pampas grass arrangement for our mantel. Here are some tips from my experiment. Pampass Grass DecorFirst and foremost, if you have allergies to grass this might be a project to steer clear of. When you find a pampas grass plant you’ll need a few things: a good pair of gardening clippers, long sleeves/gloves (the leaves are sharp!) and a vase with a 3″ wide opening. Pampass Grass DecorArrange and cut your pampas grass to fit your vase. You’ll want to do this all outside because the grass does shed a bit while handling it. I like to cut some tall pieces and some short to play around with. Since my arrangement sits agains a wall I made the sides fan out and left the fluffiest pieces for the front.   Pampass Grass DecorTo compliment the creamy colors of the grass I picked brass pieces to display with it, including the most adorable vintage giraffe bell my mom scored for me in Palm Springs.

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