Thinking Ahead

November 5, 2014

Thinking Ahead So I scooped up this Hatch dress a couple of months ago with two things in mind. The first and most obvious factor was a baby bump. It fit all my bump dressing requirements: perfectly flowy, easy to dress up or down and a keeper even after baby, a huge perk that’s hard to come by. The second thing I had in mind were the holidays, specifically one that involves turkey and a full plate (or two). I grew up always having to dress up for Thanksgiving, my siblings weren’t always fans but I kind of loved the tradition and still do. Hence my thinking ahead to what I might wear this year. The dusty-sage color, über comfortable fit and silky material immediately had me planning ahead for holiday functions.

Hatch Lily dress, Anine Bing leather jacket, Jennifer Fisher charm necklace, Saint Laurent aviators and bag, Tibi Piper boots.
Thinking Ahead Thinking Ahead Thinking Ahead Thinking Ahead Thinking Ahead Thinking Ahead Side note: this dress is among a handful of things I got from Hatch that ended up being crucial essentials in my last trimester (see a round up of my favorites here). To all the expecting mamas out there I highly suggest splurging on their pieces, you’ll most definitely rely on them.

More finds I wouldn’t mind trotting around in this Thanksgiving…

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