Key Lime Pops

July 31, 2015

Key Lime Pie PopIt’s a crime to be anywhere else but the beach on a super hot summer day. But alas, work sits waiting and piling up so there are the days you curse the heat and force yourself to sit at the old desk. Thank goodness for frosty treats, and of course weekends. This week I was slightly indecisive when it came to my afternoon sweet tooth (happens every day at 3 pm on the dot). And on this particular day lemonade wasn’t going to cut it. Enter the hybrid dessert that is the perfect combination of frozen yogurt and a tall ice-filled glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, the Key Lime Pop. Super easy to make and technically it almost doesn’t count as dessert, at least that’s what I told myself at 11 am.


8 oz or 1 cup of plain greek yogurt
¾ cup of key lime juice
lime rind
½ a can of sweetened condensed milk

Mix together in a large bowl and filter in your popsicle mold (I used this one) add graham cracker crumbles at the tip or at the bottom and freeze. You can also add graham cracker crumbs by dipping the pop in water first and rolling over a plate or bowl of the crumbs. For less waiting time use the Zoku Quick Pop MakerKey Lime Pie Pop

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