Baron’s Cove

June 23, 2016

CIHT_NYC_JUNE_338Our first night in the Hamptons we stayed at the sweetest little spot in Sag Harbor—Baron’s Cove. As we pulled into the classic shingle and brick hotel I instantly felt that East Coast seaside charm that I love so much. We dropped our things and took Elin for a stroll to check out the property and ended up in the lounge where a band was setting up. The band was amazing. The singer sang in French, Spanish and Portuguese and everything sounded like something out of a Cafe Del Mar album. I ordered a Rosé, Elin got her favorite, popcorn, and Todd poured a cold one. It was by far the best kick off to a vacation I could have asked for. But the best part was when the humid overcast day turned into a full on rain and thunder storm, the kind we don’t usually get on the West Coast. I loved every minute of it, especially when we moved upstairs to the dining room for dinner. Everything about this room feels like you’re on a boat, plus the deep blue water glasses looked like something you’d find on a pirate ship and then I was completely engulfed in that nautical life.
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_318 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_334{ The patio outside our room. }
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_315 barons collage5{ Chocolate covered strawberries greeted us upon arrival. }
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_353 barons collage2{ Design note: I need these pom pom curtains, currently hunting down the source. }CIHT_NYC_JUNE_332CIHT_NYC_JUNE_342{ The hotel’s garden gave me mad motivation to start working on ours at home. }CIHT_NYC_JUNE_320 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_375 barons collage3{ The cozy lobby with a cozy, homey East Coast vibe. }
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_356barons collage4{ Just loved everything about this nautical themed dining room. }CIHT_NYC_JUNE_331 Barons collage1 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_382Photography by Arna Bee

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