The High Line Hotel

June 29, 2016

CIHT_NYC_JUNE_287Last September while in New York for Fashion Week we ended up seeking cold beverages and fuel (aka flatbread) at Alta Linea—a sweet little spot on the patio in front of The High Line Hotel in Chelsea. It has since become one of my favorite places in New York to stop by during the warm months with its strung lights overhead, adorable waiters and incredibly refreshing Frozen Negroni cocktails. So when we were back in the city after spending a week in The Hamptons I took the opportunity to actually stay at the charming boutique hotel. It didn’t disappoint. A feeling of old school New York mixed with a European touch has made it a favorite for me in the Big Apple. Here’s a look at the gem that you must check out.
CIHT_NYC_JUNE_267 collag1{ A vintage truck that serves Intelligentsia coffee all day; bikes to take off on around the city. }CIHT_NYC_JUNE_302 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_283 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_261 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_280{ The lobby was a mix of rich leather seats, marble and an old type writer that you could tap away on. }collag2 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_275{ Quirky elements gives it a homey feel. I loved this wall of paintbrushes and old objects. }CIHT_NYC_JUNE_295 collag4{ What more do you need besides a comfortable bed and coffee? This bed frame and wallpaper by the way was so good. Check out another picture here that I took on instagram. }CIHT_NYC_JUNE_307 CIHT_NYC_JUNE_297{ Lastly, Chelsea has become one of my favorite parts of New York. There’s so much around you and The High Line for a morning walk or run is right there. I felt like we were right in the middle of everything, uptown and downtown were never too far away. }

Photography by Arna Bee

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