Could I Have That? mini | Holiday 2016

True story, I believed in Santa Claus far passed most kids. My mom did such an amazing job making it believable and exciting that everyone in our family (I’m the youngest of 4) wanted to keep the magic alive for me as long as they could. Well, it still burns pretty hard in my heart. I think I’m the first person to turn on some good ol’ Christmas classics, start decorating a tree and sign up for just about any holiday happening there is. But nothing will ever top our first Christmas with Elin, who arrived just a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. It was all so brand new and suddenly December 25 was looking a whole lot different in my world, the tables had turned. Now, the holidays are all about making it exciting and special for her. This issue we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas, recipes, DIY projects and loads of ways to up the holiday ante with your kiddos. And not to mention a special holiday installment of Cool Moms—a whole new batch of mamas that currently inspiring us.

We hope you love this issue as much as we do!

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  1. Christmas is such a magical time of year and makes me so happy too. It does change everything when your first little comes into the world as it did mine too! I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now and wanted to thank you for such heartfelt and beautiful posts! Happy Holidays to you! XX Milly;)

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