An Afternoon with Diani Boutique and Goldsign Denim

One of my main sources of style and shopping inspiration happens to be less then a few miles from my house—Diani Boutique. Convenient, also incredibly dangerous in a really good way. When they asked me to host an event with Goldsign Denim to celebrate their newly relaunched collection, I gladly accepted. An afternoon, childfree in my favorite store playing dress up? Twist my arm. Here’s a peek at an afternoon of fun with friends, good food and some seriously good shopping. 
The two styles I tried on intermediately with different tops were The Benefit, a relaxed high rise in a lighter wash, and The Profit, a skinny dark wash that paired perfectly with my loafers. Aside from the fits and shapes being perfection, I loved how soft the denim felt.
Design wise, there’s always something new to be inspired by at Diani. I loved this hanging wreath of branches suspended above a table of denim, the little confetti-like leaves looked so stunning against the clean white space. You can find more amazing things like this at their home store, Diani Living.
Diani Boutique houses some of my favorite brands (take a look at their roster here) so putting together looks with the new Goldsign styles was an easy task. The amazing Elizabeth of Merci To Go kept us fueled with a spread of treats like caramel popcorn and mini sandwiches. Don’t ask me about the vegan chocolate chip cookies, self control was nonexistent.
All in all, the perfect afternoon that left me utterly inspired to embrace Spring with some new wardrobe favorites. All my buys coming soon!

Images by Jacqueline Pilar  // Thank you to Diani and Goldsign for putting on such a fun event! 

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  1. Absolutely love how you put everything together into perfection! Wished I had access to a place like this in Singapore! Looking forward to your future recommendations, have a good day! X

    With love,
    Iann Ethel | An Online Space for Travel + Inspiration

  2. LOVE your style! In my next life, I’m going to be taller and more casual. 🙂
    I have a hot tip for you: check out – darling handmade little ceramic bowls that can be personalized. The style of these is right up your alley. Started by a young, married couple who are students at Fresno State, and are now Seniors. The little bowls were a class project, and extras were given as Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. Orders started coming in, the Huffington Post featured them in 2015 and now they are making 6 figures! It’s a great story and a really fabulous, affordable, unique product. They also have some cool jewelry items. Thought it would be a great topic for your blog!

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