The Ultimate Travel Style Essential

Traveling is on everyones agenda during the Summer months and this week its on mine—here I come New York. From big journeys to small road trips, the one thing I always depend on are a pair of slim fitting (and lightweight) cashmere pants. I’m someone that always weighs on the cold side, especially in hotel rooms and airplanes, so no matter how hot the destination is, a pair of cozy lounge pants is always a good idea.

Leimere’s jogger has been a favorite lately because I love how crazy soft and thin they are and grey makes the easiest neutral to pair with vintage tees, denim pieces and cozy knit sweaters. You can bet I’ll be wearing these on my red eye soon.

Four other favorites in case your heading out on a trip soon…

Wearing: Leimere pants, Mayla sweater, Golden Goose sneakers, Oliver People’s sunglasses, Apolis tote bag.

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Photography by Jacqueline Pilar

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