A Morning Ritual

August 19, 2017

While I love running off to travel, there’s something about home that always feels so good. Those moments at home when you sink into your favorite chair or routines with family that are so precious you want to bottle them up forever. They’re the rituals that deepen our relationship to our personal space and timestamp memories in our lives. It’s why moving or saying goodbye to your childhood home is never easy.

Recently, HomeGoods did a national survey on the subject and discovered that most of us (let’s get technical, 80%) say that the products or things they use in these moments change over time. I definitely fall in this group as I love switching things up in our home, making it better over time, even though the routines and life is pretty much the same. I spruced up one of my favorite spaces that lends itself to a morning moment I look forward to everyday—getting dressed and ready for the day, with a giant cup of coffee in hand of course.

First, let me rewind. Nothing rocks your morning routine quite like having a baby. Leisurely mornings spent sipping coffee and contemplating your outfit for the day pretty much goes out the window. I remember asking fellow mamas how the heck they even did their makeup or hair! But as I quickly learned, everything is a phase and it all gets easier as the months march on. Plus, there’s that crazy love you have for a child that makes the early mornings not such a big deal. Todd and I have always joked that it’s like Christmas morning when she runs into our room and jumps into our bed.

Since Elin started pre-school, I’ve gained back a little “me time” in the mornings. Once she’s fed, dressed and off to school with her dad, I get some time to spend in my sanctuary, aka our bedroom. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house because of the French doors that open out to an enclosed patio. I love opening them up on a sunny morning and letting the breeze float in through the curtains. It fills my cup every morning.

I recently updated my space with some beautiful pieces and décor from HomeGoods. Through the process, I learned a few tips when it comes to home design… here it goes.

1. Function first: Think about where you spend most of your time in the morning and what you’re doing. I created this little corner of my room so I could relax on a chair and do my makeup with the best possible light. Oh, and have a place to put my coffee. A little personal time can be necessary when you have a 2-year old!

2. Color is key: Pick a color palette that invites a calming feeling. I love sticking to soft grays and nudes, warm gold tones and shades of white. Since this is a place where I spend my mornings I like it to have that serene quality. Throughout my home, I gravitate toward neutral colors and patterns, modern with a nod to classic vintage pieces, personal and creative. I was able to find a variety of throws, pillows and other accessories within this palette at HomeGoods. The colors are simple, but between different patterns, fabrics, etc – every piece was so special.

3. Play with textures: Whether it’s a knit pillow or an interesting wall art, the different variety will add a bit of depth to your room. This textured art from HomeGoods adds intrigue while still fitting in with my neutral, calm color palate in the space.

4. Display the things you use the most: Choose a mirrored tray for a luxury feeling. HomeGoods has great options that look very high-end, but won’t break the bank! To me there’s nothing that speaks to my personal style like a personal scent. I displayed three of my signature favorites on a favorite tray.

5. Incorporate objects you may have in other rooms: I like to be creative with the pieces I weave in throughout my space. For example, I pulled a few fashion books I love and stacked them on my vanity.

6. When it comes to styling your vanity, consider the lighting: This is where you’ll be applying your makeup, so I find that having the option of different types of light is key. That’s why I opt for a hand-held mirror so I can move around between natural light and spotlights.

7. Choose furniture that lends itself to an organized system: I used different organizers from HomeGoods to store my makeup in the drawers so I could see and grab what I needed easily. I love pieces like this because they bring function and fashion to the table (literally!).

8. Don’t forget that inner beauty is important: To keep myself (and my skin) de-stressed I try to include a few minutes of meditation each morning. I created a cozy nook with a comfortable chair and plenty of throws to invite calm moments like this one. Also, someone once told me to always keep a photograph of yourself from your childhood in a place you would see it every day. It’s supposed to remind you to keep dreaming. So I have a favorite photo of myself at age 7 framed on my vanity.

9. Pick an accent color to brighten up your space: I love mixing in gold because it stands out but blends in perfectly with neutrals.

10. Accent pillows are a great way to play around with color and texture: Pick an odd number—1, or 3—to compliment your bedding.


Thank you to HomeGoods for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own. Photography by Arna Bee.

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