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You know those moments when you’re hanging out with friends and all of a sudden you look around and everyone is on their phones, not talking. It’s always comical in the moment but also a good reminder to put down the phones and be present. And while we all need to check ourselves from time to time, the reality is we rely on our phones like crazy. It’s the scary truth. But my question lately—as I did a little app cleanse on my phone—is what are the best and most useful apps out there?True, we could easily survive the day without a fancy water app or a soothing sound app, but certain ones can definitely be helpful when trying to live a healthier more balanced life. Everyone has their “something” they’re working on so why not test out a little technology to aid in the effort?

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In my world of balancing work, family, travel, grocery store runs, childcare, school and more there are definitely some apps that keep me organized and on top of it all. Whether its scheduling, keeping up on my health or a useful tool for work, there’s no doubt these apps help keep me in check. What apps do you rely on the most? Leave me a comment below!

1. Google calendar, google docs and sheets. I would probably drop the ball once a day if I wasn’t organized with these apps that I work off of via my phone and computer. I can color coordinate scheduling for work, Elin and my editorial calendar and can share certain events or documents with Todd, my assistant and anyone I’m currently collaborating with. Life savor!

2. Planoly. This one is amazing for planning, scheduling and tracking analytics for instagram. I’m picky about how my feed looks and this allows me to preview what it will look like before I post. And for campaigns I can add in necessary hashtags and handles ahead of time. I also occasionally use Tailwind for analyzing my instagram data and best posting times.

3. Photo editing apps. I use a few favorites but there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t use these: VSCO, Snapseed, Facetune, Afterlight and Inshot or iMovie for videos.

4. Mealboard. The first thing I would do if I won the lottery is hire a personal chef. Meal planning and going to the grocery store are my LEAST favorite things to do. And while I love to cook, nowadays with Elin I feel like there’s just never enough time to make and plan something good. I struggle with this all the time. So I recently got this app, which is pretty great. You can organize your favorite recipes, find new ones and generate a shopping list with a few taps. It takes a little time to add in your go-to meals but once they’re in, they’re in and you can plan out the week and get your list like that.

5. Soothe. When this came to my area I literally could not contain my happiness. It’s basically uber for massage therapists. For $100 you can get a professional certified masseuse to come to your house in an hour if need be. Once you find someone you like, which I found on my first time using the app, you can request them the next time.

6. Venmo. I’m horrible at having cash on me. So this app saves me all the time when it comes to paying the babysitter at the end of the night or splitting the bill with friends at dinner. I also love using CurbStand, because again I never have cash, for valet parking in L.A. All you do is scan the bar code for that specific valet stand and pay the fee. So simple and easy, no awkward digging in your purse or asking a friend for cash.

7. Kindara. There are a million apps out there for tracking your feminine cycle, but this one is the best. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, not trying to or just checking in your health, this one is the best. It’s also loaded with tons of useful information on hormone health and you can track other hormone related things like headaches, temperature and other side notes.

8. Artifact Uprising. I sort of miss those days of getting your camera roll developed and having tangible images. Images tend to live on our phone. This is one of my favorite companies for printing images and photo books straight from your phone.

9. I shop more on my phone then ever these days. Probably because my time is so limited and I can do it while sitting at the car wash. My go to’s are Shopbop, Net-A-Porter, Shop Who What Wear and Zara because they can track what you like and remember your card. For whatever reason those are the easiest to navigate and use—not sure if that’s a good thing, ha.

10. Amazon. A no brainer but I couldn’t make this list without stating the obvious. It’s the easiest way to get those household essentials (on the regular) and everything else.

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