I Quit Coffee

True story, I haven’t had coffee since August. And if you’ve seen a cup of it in pictures recently, it was just for the shot. Why on earth would I quit my cozy morning cup of jo?
For a handful of health reasons but primarily because one cup was making me jittery and anxious—has this happened to anyone else in their 30’s? All of a sudden I’m more sensitive to it. Anyways, I quit it. And while I’m over the hump of feeling deprived every morning for my mug-in-hand status, I have to say I feel 100 times better throughout the day.

My skin feels healthier and softer, energy levels are high, migraines have subsided (read more about my struggle with them here) and best of all my mood isn’t so frantic and crazy. The longer I go without it, the more I notice the benefits of being caffeine-free.

And for those days that involve a “coffee date” or the need for something warm in my hand I go for a chai latte with unsweetened almond milk—cures the fix.

Also side note, I wore this the other day and can’t get enough of this cafe au lait color palette. I’m not going to lie, it made me think of my old friend coffee and for a minute I thought about breaking my streak. But I didn’t.

AYR Coat, Ulla Johnson Ruffled Shirt, Zac Posen Bag, Sunglasses, Mother Jeans, Slingback Kitten Heels

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

62mm Aviator Sunglasses

Asher Oversized Cashmere Sweater

Camelia Wool-Felt Hat

Brown Sugar Body Polish

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  1. I can’t do coffee either, let alone caffeinated tea or pop. It just makes my heart race. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Yep! Quit coffee in June. So hard but definitely feel better. I do indulge in a decaf latte here and there though. 🙂 I stick to decaf teas if I’m at a coffee shop or want something different to drink aside from water. Gorgeous post as always!

  3. I had to give up coffee too — it was giving me headaches and I felt sluggish and blah. Felt much better after quitting it, but the detox process was two days of headaches and nausea.

  4. I gave up coffee a few years ago, too! I am so glad to hear that your experience has been so great because everyone always thinks I’m nuts when it comes up but I swear I have more energy without the caffeine than I did before.

    Nowadays if I crave that warm fix, I will brew up or order decaf and while I know it has a teeny bit of caffeine, I still feel okay about it!

    Another thing that has helped me tremendously with my energy levels and focus has been working out in the mornings, or at least going for a long walk. Seems counterintuitive that I would feel more energized after burning off a ton but I swear it works. Just thought I would share in case you need an extra jolt!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    1. The morning work out is such a good tip! The handful of times that I’ve done it lately I’ve felt so much better all day. If only I could get into a routine of doing that!

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