Fire Skies

It feels wierd to talk about anything but what’s going on in my hometown right now. The Thomas fire, which is now the size of Chicago, is ruthlessly burning its way through Ventura and Santa Barbara. Almost all of my friends and family have relocated because of evacuations and horribly ashy air quality and what remains is an eerie, empty feeling. I’ve lived through so many fires but it never ceases to scare me when we’re faced head to head with one. I took these photos with Arna last week before the ash really consumed our city. And before I dive into how much I love this striped sweater, I wanted to beg everyone to think good thoughts for our community and if you’re interested in how you can help, head here.

Now onto less important things. I went a little crazy recently scooping up new knits for the season and I immediately gravitated toward this Rag & Bone one (plus a few others, guilty) while perusing Nordstrom. For starters, I’ve never met a wide striped cashmere sweater I didn’t like. Especially when they’re earthy ombré shades. So when this beauty arrived I wasn’t surprised I loved it, but once I slipped it on I realized it was the fit that made it special. Billowy sleeves that blouse a teensy bit and a slight crop so it pairs perfectly with high rise denim.

If you’re wondering how the other knits turned out? I kind of fell in love with them too… and currently wearing one as we speak. Here they are, and they’re good!

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Thank you to Nordstrom for supporting this post, all opinions are my own. // Photography by Arna

Annika Stripe Sweater

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