Janessa Leone {Giveaway}

Did you hear? Janessa Leone just released her kids collection this week. Cute is an understatement. We had a chance to take all the styles for a spin last month (seen in the Holiday Mini Magazine) and I was melting every time Elin put one on. The five styles are just like moms, which Elin picked up on right away. Her favorite, Emily Mini, she picked out because, as she said, was the baby version to mine, The Peyton—be still my heart.

Since I got my first Janessa Leone hat last summer, I’ve become obsessed with the line and have a growing collection that isn’t stopping. Every time I browse her site and the latest designs I leave finding a new one that I want. I’m so excited to share that today I’ll be giving away two Janessa Leone hats—one for a mama and one for her little. So make sure you leave a comment below, follow @janessaleone on instagram and visit her site! Giveaway ends 12/13. Note: some of the styles are on a pre-order status so delivery may take a few weeks. Good luck!

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar 

Peyton Hat

Emily Mini

Liya High Rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans

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  1. Her ‘Klint’ Mini is to die for. Just the sweetest! Been coveting these and wanting to start a collection for a while! Why does it seem easier to justify buying a mini one for my daughter first? hehe

  2. I just love the look and feel of Janessa Leone’s hats! I would feel so lucky to be able to wear one of her beautiful creations. And to have one for my daughter as well? Well, that would be even more exciting! It’s never to early to create a sense of style. What a fantastic opportunity and giveaway!

  3. Lovely photos of you two! I have also admired hats too long, do not own one yet! But now my daughter needs one, Klint first. Maybe. Love all those minis!

  4. This mini collection is gold! My 3 year old, Poppy, is totally my mini and always looking for ways to look like me when she is dressing herself. She has a twin brother who loves wearing baseball hats and beanies like dad, and it’s a special moment they share together. I know she would treasure her own Janessa Leone just as I would. This would be the sweetest moment for me to share with her over and over again.

  5. What an amazing giveaway! I don’t own any Janessa Leone hats, but I’ve been eyeing up the Cherina & Logan for a while already! I can’t decide which one to order though haha. They look like gorgeous, high quality hats. The mini line is just amaaaazing. I’d love to get the Alara mini for my daughter because it looks just like a wool hat I have from another company. She loves to try it on, and then go look in the mirror. It’s the sweetest thing, how pleased and excited she looks everytime!

  6. I adore her hats – I have the Calla in straw for summer and have been looking at a wool one for winter. Their design is just so perfectly minimal.

  7. I’ve been dying for a Janessa Leone hat for years but haven’t been able to get myself to spend the money on it yet. P.S. I can’t wait to dress my daughter as well as you dress yours!

  8. I’m obsessed with her hats. Living in L. A. I always were a hat out and about to protect my skin from the sun and hers are so chic! Darling photo.

  9. These hats are to die for! Would love one for me and my 19 month old daughter Ramsey. I named her after my father who was known for rocking all sorts of hats. Like her namesake, she looks great in every hat I’ve ever put on her.

  10. Well if that isn’t the cutest mini line ever?!

    I’ve had my eye on that Peyton style that you have! It’s been on my wishlist for months now but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. It looks so classic, I just think it’s perfect!

  11. Those mini hats! Be still my heart. I’ve been trying to choose pieces lately that will last a lifetime and reduce wardrobe clutter and Janessa Leone hats are on the top of my wish list.

  12. I am so in love with my mini collection of “Leone’s”-one straw and one wool! While I don’t have any little ones (yet!), I would love to spoil my younger sister, who is a single mom, and her little. Thank you for sharing the work of a beautiful craftswoman!

  13. Janessa Leone hats are stunning. The mini line is so adorable! Def need one for my little babe and a matching one for myself. Fingers crossed! xx

  14. I follow her on both Facebook and Instagram!
    I absolutely adore her hats and own several of them. My 9 year daughter loves to try them on and she would be over the moon to have one of her very own!

  15. The very BEST hats. I waited years for my boyfriend (now husband) to surprise me with one! After graduating USD with Janessa Leone i couldn’t be more proud to wear her creations. We are expecting our first girl any day now and i have been scrupriously eyeing her new mini’s collection!!! What a fun giveaway this is…our fingers are crossed.

  16. these hats are so so beautiful, i’ve always envied your collection but never had enough extra funds to get my own. would love one (and one to share with my neice!)

  17. too cute! for my mini and me❣️ my daughter, saylors first word a year ago or so was “hat” silent H of course and pointed to her head. love love love

  18. In love with my mini collection of “Leone’s” -one wool and one straw. While I don’t have any littles (yet!), I would love to spoil my sister, who is a single mom, and her young one. Thank you so much for promoting a beautiful craftswoman!

  19. I have never lived wearing hats until I found Janessa Leone (due to my head being on the smaller size and women’s regular hats never fitting correctly). And now to be able to share this style with girl is beyond adorable!

  20. Love Love Love the new JL Mini Collection! How fitting that there are currently 5 in the collection…one for each day Monday-Friday with a chance for wardrobe changes for my little throughout the weekend. How do you pick just one favorite?!?

  21. Promise I’m not trying to enter a thousand times, just in love with the Leone’s and hoping my comment goes through! 😉

  22. Love these understated hats. Just discovered they sell bags as well, which have the same graceful minimalistic aesthetic. Beautiful!

  23. Wow! So many amazing styles. It’s hard to choose just one. I really like the look you and your daughter chose. I think I like the Morgan best

  24. She makes my favorite hats! I actually have one coming all the way from Australia because it’s sold out everywhere here! How amazing would it be to match my little babe. ❤️❤️

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