Keeping Things Simple In January

For some people January is an inspiring time. A fresh start and they’re hot out of the gates loaded with energy. For me, as I’m discovering every year, January is more of a time to recharge the engines, regain my focus and catch up on sleep. Maybe its because I notoriously find myself with that classic cold after Christmas or maybe it’s my homebody tendency to hunker down for winter, either way I’ve decided I’m not going to feel bad about it. This year I’m embracing my casual entrance into 2018 without guilt or shame. I’ve never really liked the pressure that comes along with a laundry list of goals and resolutions so I’m instead focusing on the basics and making it up as I go along. 

For a month that feels like the laziest one of the year, at least for me, I tend to rely on simple black and white pieces A LOT. It’s always been the backbone of my wardrobe so anytime I’m feeling the need to simplify my everyday, this is where it starts. 

Tortoiseshell Heel Pumps

North South Tote

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