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True story, years and years and years ago I went to a party in Malibu. Nothing fancy, just some friends and possibly jello shots—it was that long ago. I started chatting with Ariel Gordon, who I had just met through mutual friends, and the first thing I noticed was the amazing jewelry around her neck. I immediately asked her about it and she said, “I made it.”

We hit it off and from that moment on we’ve been friends, growing businesses alongside each other, having babies and collaborating throughout the years. I still wear my very first AG piece (the Love Knot Pinky ring) everyday and continue to grow my collection/obsession. And, every time I see her I find myself taking notes on her layering skills and wanting whatever it is she’s wearing.

Pictured above: Medallion Signet necklace personalized with Elin name on it and the Candy Carousel necklace

The best part about Ariel’s collection is that all of her pieces are things you can wear everyday, or even sleep in like I do. They’re special, meaningful and will quickly become a defining element in your style. Every piece I own holds significance from the Signet Dog Tag necklace—the first piece I ever got with my married initials—to the Dual Birthstone Ring representing Elin’s and my birthday months. At age 3, Elin is already asking to try them on and knows the pieces that have her name on them—she’s got her eye on my newest Candy Carousel necklace. I can’t wait to pass them down to her one day. Needless to say, any piece from Ariel Gordon would make any woman, mother, sister, grandmother or daughter feel infinitely loved and special. 

I’m so excited to be giving away one $500 credit to Ariel Gordon Jewelry.

To enter leave a comment below and follow both @arielgordonjewelry and @couldihavethat on instagram. 



How many kids to you have? Age? I have two, Luca (3.5) and Mia (10 months)    


What’s the best part of your day? When I’m sleeping.


What’s your least favorite part of the day? When it’s 2pm and I realize I haven’t eaten or brushed my teeth because I’ve been running around since school drop off at 8:30 and it’s already almost time for me to get Luca so maybe I should just work a few extra hours and wait to eat until dinner.  


Owning a business and being a mom is a juggling act. What things have you found that make it easier? Making lists. Amazon Prime. Asking for help. Slack.  Free return shipping.  My husband. 


What’s one important thing you do for yourself on a daily basis? Eyelash extensions. 

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

Candy Carousel Necklace

Medallion Signet Necklace

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  1. The perfect pieces for everyday wear! Would love to add Ariel’s jewelry to my collection – @cyarborough

  2. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I LOVE Ariel Gordon – would love to have some pieces to represent my two sweet babies to wear everyday.

  3. You and your friends are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much inspiration…and you call each other friend

  4. I absolutely love how tiny these pieces are (and would love to win a few!). Happy mother’s day to all the mamas out there!

  5. I’m such a fan of Ariel Gordon jewelry! I love the simple, delicate and yet classic look to her collections. A timeless designer!

  6. Have always admired these dainty gold pieces you wear, and what a sweet story that each piece holds a deeper family meaning. And nothing beats a friendship like being able to share in the challenges and joys of life.

  7. I’ve purchased AG jewelry for myself and to give to loved ones. It’s that special! Sadly, I’ve lost my most recent purchase in our move to a new home, along with my favorite glasses. It sure is a good thing we don’t move very often!

  8. I love Ariel Gordon jewelry! I have followed both you and her for a bit of time and I’m always inspired by the simplicity yet timelessness of both your styles.

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  9. My husband bought me my first Ariel Gordon piece for Christmas and I’d love to treat my mom to something. All her pieces are amazing!

  10. Her dainty designs are so easy to wear and cherish forever. I’d love an Ariel Gordon necklace in honor of my daughter.

  11. I cherish every piece of my AG jewelry! At the moment, I am wearing 4 AG rings and one AG bracelet. They are my every day pieces that my daughters look forward to inheriting. I also love to layer my AG necklaces and earrings. I all things AG!

  12. Love your blog and im a huge AG jewelry fan! I own the medallion signet with my daughters name engraved on it and I consider it one of my most cherished pieces❤️

  13. Ariel Gordon is my FAVORITE jewelry line. I wear my Medallion necklace every single day as well as my signet ring. And Ariel is one of the sweetest humans you will ever meet. Love!
    xo Jessica

  14. I have been a longtime fan of Ariel Gordon jewelry and just discovered your blog through the instagram giveaway! How exciting would it be to finally own a piece of her jewelry….and how exciting is is to find some fun new content to read on your blog!! Thanks for the opportunity! x

  15. Ahh! I have been a fan of AG for such a long time. I am so glad she has partnered with you because I JUST discovered you and your blog. <3
    I think there is something so special to be said about heirloom worthy jewelry. It’s timeless. This fact that AG jewelry can become legacy pieces in a family is so special. I am such a fan of quality jewelry, slow fashion, and pieces to share. This is such a special giveaway! Thanks for a great opportunity!

  16. I am a huge fan of both you and Ariel! Her pieces are stunning and, as a mother to a 3 year old and 5 month old, are perfect keepsakes to personalize with my kids names.

  17. This is so perfect bc I already follow both of you on Instagram! Love love AG jewelry and what a generous giveaway!!

  18. I’ve been dreaming of AGJ since following her on IG! Oh, and developing jewelry envy when seeing pictures of ppl wearing her jewelry!!

  19. Obsessed with everything AGJ- love that all pieces have personal meaning and are meant to be heirlooms! xoxo

  20. Love Ariel! I’m hoping that now she moved to the Bay I get to see her and her beautiful collection more often. My jewelry routine is so simple so her pieces are perfect to collect so I can attempt to layer with ease like she does!

  21. I love the simplicity of Ariel’s jewelry. It compliments whatever you are wearing, and adds a delicate elegance.

  22. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! I can’t imagine you Sam, without a pretty gold AGJ necklace on your neck, and I would love to buy one too!!! XOXOXO

  23. I’ve admired Ariel’s jewelry for years but have sadly never been able to afford one of her pieces. Would love love love to own some of her beautiful jewelry.

  24. I absolutely love Ariel Gordon’s jewelry for its simplicity & elegance! I have been long been admiring her Huggies.

  25. Obsessed with the medallion signet necklace! I would love one with my daughter’s name on it for my first mother’s day.

  26. Can I just say…beautiful jewelry! I’ve been dyeing to get her medallion signet necklace and still have been saving up for it. So excited that Ariel Gordon jewelry is part of your giveaway! If I am lucky enough to win (fingers and toes crossed), I already know which piece I would be using the credit towards!

  27. I love Ariel Gordon’s jewels and have been slowly building a little collection of my own! I am currently expecting my first child and I would love to add to the collection with something special and personal!!!!!!

  28. I’ve been admiring this jewelry line for awhile now after noticing your gorgeous necklace! It would be wonderful to own a piece of Ariel Gordon jewelry! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  29. I love seeing how Ariel layers jewelry on her instagram. I don’t own any of her pieces, but I’d be so excited to be able to purchase one of her designs!!

  30. Ariel’s pieces are beautiful They look so natural and lovely on you. I love how they can be worn every day, even to sleep in, and have such a distinct, personalized feel.

  31. I have been looking all over for the perfect pinkie ring …. until I finally saw the perfect match: I was struck by the elegance and easy style of the knot ring; I was also surprised to see that all jewels are super elegant and sleek! Loving every piece from the other side of the ocean ….Paula from Lisbon, Portugal

  32. This is such beautiful, classic jewelry! Thank you for introducing me to Ariel & for this generous giveaway opportunity!

  33. I love the classic nature of the entire AGJ line. I also love that your sweet daughter already is starting to understand and relate to the importance of those pieces for you!

  34. My first piece of AG Jewelry was the love knot ring as well! I I hope to get the Imperial disc necklace as my next purchase!

  35. I love Ariel’s answer about the best part of her day ~ HA!!
    I’m kinda obsessed over the DUAL BIRTHSTONE RING. I’ve never seen anything like this before. And I love it! Definitely going on my wishlist…

    Following both on instagram: @rainesmom

  36. I’m such a fan of both of you! This will be my first mother’s day with my 7 week old son and would love to add a special piece to my collection in his honor ❤️ xx

  37. I love her jewelry! My daughter is also 3.5. I would love to get us both matching candy carousel necklaces!

  38. I bought an Ariel Gordon necklace six years ago and wear it practically everyday. I even had the clasp replaced last year which was done for the cost of shipping. I would love to be able to buy another piece!

  39. I’ve been a fan since my husband (!) discovered Ariel’s jewelry and got me our kids’ initials pendants! Beautiful pieces, lovely quality ❤️

  40. I’ve always loved and admired Ariel’s jewelry – the pieces are stunning. I love how Ariel’s jewelry has a certain “quality” to it – made with love, intention and meaning.

  41. I can certainly relate to pretty much every response!! I love AGJ!! What I love most about it , is how you can personalize each peice! ❤️

  42. All these pieces are classic and gorgeous. Timeless jewelry like Ariel’s, makes you feel like your capturing a moment of peace and beauty that you get to remember every time you wear it.

  43. I love the idea of passing meaningful and beautiful jewlery that someone in the family wore and loved to the next generation

  44. Such a beautiful story! My mom and I have a similar bond. She has always passed the Jewlery of the matriarchs in my family down to me and joyously watched as I played dress up in her Jewlery box as a child. What a beautiful giveaway- an opportunity for a daughter to give her mom something gorgeous and worthy of the best mom ever (I may be biased).

  45. The story is quite common but full of wisdom and timing
    Me too is a Jewelry lover got some collection on my IG @lovelyliz71.
    That ⬆️ would be a great Mother’s Day and 81st Birthday gift to my Mama.

  46. Such beautiful and thoughtful pieces. I love that they are meaningful, and can be worn easily all day everyday! I love having sweet little touches that light up my life!

  47. I have 2 Ariel Gordon rings & have been pining over the Medallion Signet necklace – she makes such beautiful pieces!

  48. I stumbled across this jewelry about a year ago, and seriously … I dream about collecting little pieces along the way in my life! Would love to win this giveaway to get started. 🙂

  49. Two great giveaways this week! LOVE Ariel Gordon. I only want to wear jewelry I don’t have to take off to sleep or shower.

  50. This is beautiful! Such a great story. I have pieces of jewelry from both of my grandmothers that I wear daily. They are my most cherished pieces and every time I look at them they remind me of those special women in my life. I look forward to passing them on someday too so they always remain in my family of amazing women ❤️

  51. I love the simplicity of each of these pieces. As an expecting mama I find myself being more and more sentimental. What a special thing to to one day pass to Elin!

  52. I’ve been looking for the perfect wear all the time pinky ring and the love knot looks like it could be it! ❤️

  53. I’ve always admired AG jewelry! The simple, chic design is just my style. I would love a piece with my son’s name to wear daily and the $500 would help me get something within my budget. Fun contest!

  54. What a great giveaway! Love her jewelry and always wished for a piece from her line. Thanks for the chance. XO

  55. I love her jewelry, especially the ring you have! It’s timeless, and I can’t wait to give my daughter all my special jewelry too (10.5 months and loves playing with my necklace and rings already!).

  56. I love her jewelry line! I have a pair of huggies that I got and wear them 24/7…so comfortable (even to sleep in), I don’t need to take them off Would love to add more pieces and pass them down to my little girls as they get older Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  57. Already follow her – I’m obsessed with the jewelry (duh, of course) and the nail polishes. Makes perfect sense to top off one of her creations with a cheeky polish!

  58. I love your blog! I am also a huge fan of Ariel Gordon’s jewelry and would love to order one of her longer layering pieces the signet dog tag or the imperial disc. Her pieces are heirloom worthy and timeless! Love!!!! HMD!

  59. I’m just a few short weeks away from having my first baby & I would love to begin collecting heirloom jewelry (like Ariel gordon’s!) to pass down to her when she’s older. *fingers crossed*

  60. I’d love to have and hold one of these beautiful treasures as a reminder of a difficult but meaningful, necessary and grateful period my husband and I are going through. Thank you.

  61. There is truly no other jewelry that I feel suits me as much as Ariel’s Gordon’s. As a college student, I saved up my money and bought the over the tee shirt start lariet necklace about two years ago. I have never taken it off, and if I had a dollar for every compliment I’ve gotten on it, I could buy a second one! My family knows how much I love her pieces, so they’ve gifted me two of her rings (one for my birthday and one for highschool graduation). They are the best gifts I could ever ask for! 🙂

  62. The candy carousel necklace is so beautiful and would be perfect for my mom who has had a tough year with my grandma (her mom) being sick with lung cancer. Love AG jewelry!

  63. I absolutely love Ariel’s pieces. Definitely wanting to honor my own journey towards motherhood and all the other women struggling with infertility. It’s hard and it’s something more women need to talk about!

  64. I love everyday pieces that I can wear everyday (bonus points for being able to sleep in them). Ariel’s pieces are timeless and perfect for all occasions.

  65. What an amazing friendship and Mother’s Day giveaway. What’s not to love about Ariel Gordon’s Jewelry. Her pieces range from fun to stunning. I love that there’s something for everyone.

  66. I absolutely LOVE Ariel Gordon pieces- just got the dual birthstone ring yesterday for my birthday with both of my kids’ birthstones in it. Can’t wait to add to my stack! xoxo

  67. That layered necklace look! Sweet pieces for now, and worth saving for our daughters… thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Sounds like a wonderful friendship… what we all need (in addition to pretty jewelry and other treats) 😉

  69. Love your story & hearing about strong women supporting each other, makes these beautiful pieces even more meaningful. And 100% for Ariel’s #4 answer, this is so me! Thanks for doing this generous giveaway!

  70. My daughters are 3.5 & 20 months. Since the day my first was born I’ve been searching for a peice of jewelry that reflected my style, had their names or initials and was something I could wear every day. I’ve always wanted something with either a ball chain or a thick chain, something small but thick in texture. When I saw your necklaces I couldn’t believe I finally found what I’ve been searching for!!! Unfortunately they aren’t in my price range hence my entry to your giveaway 🙂 either way, I look forward to following you on instagram and seeing your designs. Happy Mother’s Day!

  71. Ariel Gordon makes some of my favorite jewelry!! Since I recently lost my favorite necklace on a flight, I could use a replacement piece!!

  72. One of her necklaces with my son’s name on it would be perfect. Before I close my eyes and he is heading off to college.:)

  73. Love the candor in her responses to the questionnaire – she sounds like a firecracker! Her jewelry is absolutely stunnnnnning and everything appears to be an heirloom piece which is just so special.

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