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When I was pregnant with Elin I swore I wasn’t going to invest in any “maternity clothes” because I figured they would be things I’d wear for such a short period of time so why bother. And then I discovered Hatch, clothes that you can wear with a bump and even afterwards (or before)… and THEN I hit 8 months and Hatch was the only thing I felt comfortable in. Fast forward three years and I’m still wearing those pieces and shopping the latest from Hatch, you know just in case. Simply put it’s a brand you can wear with ease even if you’re trying, expecting, nursing or just like clothes with a little breathing room—or what I like to call, Italian night. Hatch is the best tip I pass on to any girlfriends or family who are nearing the world of motherhood.

Be sure to check out the new Hatch Mama Beauty collection, which makes a great gift for any mama-to-be, and the latest Plage 2018 collection. I have my eye on the Sylvie Dress!

Giveaway Details 

Today I’m giving away a $500 gift credit towards Hatch to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment below and follow both @hatchgal and @couldihavethat on Instagram. Giveaway ends 5/19 at 9 am PST. Good luck!



How many kids to you have? Age? 2 girls – Charlie Grey, age 7.5 and Georgie (GG) Lou, 3.5  


What’s the best part of your day? I love the mornings with my girls before work. My oldest daughter Charlie has bus pick up at 6:57 so it’s an early rise but it’s just 1:1 with her. Then my youngest Georgie wakes up and I get an hour with her before I drop her off. Pure mommy time before the chaos ensues!


What’s your least favorite part of the day? Bedtime when my husband is out of town. I’m running back and forth between girls trying to get them down. While I love being with them and reading, sometimes it can be very trying!


Owning a business and being a mom is a juggling act. What things have you found that make it easier? Carving out one day a week where I can go and pick up my daughter from school. And also.. a kettle one martini straight up with olives 🙂


What’s one important thing you do for yourself on a daily basis? I take baths. I sit in scolding hot baths at least once a day to unwind and take things off my mind.

Thank you to Hatch Collection for supporting this post, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

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  1. I’m currently going on 7 months pregnant and Hatch looks so cute and comfortable. I love the Sylvie dress and that it would be breastfeeding friendly. With my first pregnancy I never thought about clothes that would be breastfeeding friendly so now I’m on a mission to find maternity clothes that will work for breastfeeding and be flattering post-partum – Hatch looks perfect for that!

  2. Love Hatch! I was 35 weeks pregnant when I gave my TedX talk, and Hatch made it ok to stand in front of a crowd. Haha.

  3. I live for comfortable clothing, and Hatch suits that bill…Including their beautiful fabrics…especially their cashmere.

  4. Loved Hatch when I was pregnant, and still wear a bunch of their tops almost 2 years postpartum! Would love a refresh.

  5. I was the same way while pregnant with my first and finally during the eighth month realized I needed to invest in some pieces. Hatch looks like the perfect solution! So glad I know about them for the future!

  6. I just bought myself my first Hatch dress of my pregnancy. I would love to be able to purchase a couple more items to get me through my final trimester. Thanks for the great giveaway! *fingers crossed*

  7. I first came across Hatch on CIHT, and now I’m 25 weeks pregnant and finding those pieces are worth the investment!

  8. With baby #3 on the way, I’m always looking for clothes that are cute, that I can wear while playing with my two little ones and that are comfortable while pregnant and beyond!

  9. You had me at ‘Italian night’! Love the way the clothes drape and you always pull everything off so effortlessly.

  10. I absolutely love Hatch! There’s nothing like a good staple to your wardrobe that can carry you from before baby, during, and after for years to come! Such a good brand!

  11. Love love love Hatch. This is my first pregnancy and I know I will wear the pieces I’ve bought from Hatch way beyond these months!

  12. I absolutely love the style of Hatch! I avoided maternity clothes for as long as possible with my first child… if only I had known about Hatch. Definitely items that I’d want to wear before and after too!

  13. I’ve never heard of Hatch, but I’m just entering my second trimester, and am so glad to know about them now! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  14. Yes please! Been dying to get my hands on some Hatch items as I continue to grow! 18 weeks and counting.

  15. My Hatch dress got me through my pregnancy ; today, one year after the birth of my child, I still wear it!!

  16. Love Hatch! At almost 23 weeks my wardrobe seems to be dwindling! Would love to add a few great pieces to my maternity & after wardrobe. Happy mother’s day! X

  17. Currently 6 months pregnant and would absolutely love some hatch in my life! Such beautiful clothing and I LOVE the fact that you can continue to wear afterwards.. win win!

  18. Hatch was my favorite when I was pregnant with my son Nathan and I still wear all of those pieces! I am actually wearing one of my black tops from Hatch right now as I type this!

    Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

    xo Jessica

  19. Hatch is such a welcome discovery! Maternity clothes that you actually want to wear! I am 17 weeks pregnant and have been eyeing so many of their dresses that will work for professional and casual options! Would love to win this.Thanks for all of your tips and great style inspiration! Xo

  20. I love Hatch! I’ve been following them for years before I became pregnant last October. So excited for this giveaway!!

  21. I love Hatch! I have two girls, and wear their pieces all the time. My top picks from the summer collection are the linen perfect vee tees!

  22. I’m 25 weeks pregnant with twins and have had to quickly start buying lots of maternity clothes. I was somehow fortunate when I was pregnant with my now 3 year-old to only have to purchase a few items to get me through the 39 weeks. This time around, though, I wish I could buy a lot of items from Hatch. It’s just hard to pull the trigger knowing all of the items we need to buy for the twins.

  23. I am recently pregnant and would love to invest in Hatch clothing!! I have wanted some of their dresses wayy before I got pregnant. Pick me! Pick me!

  24. I love Hatch and how easily their collection works before, during, and after pregnancy…so beautiful and versatile! Thanks for hosting!!

  25. I live for easy breezy, and Hatch fits that perfectly, all while remaining stylish. I would love to rock these pieces before, during, and after baby ❤️

  26. While I don’t plan to have more children, this would be fun to give to an expecting friend. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. I love love love the concept behind this brand! I tried to avoid maternity clothes too and wish I would have ordered something from Hatch!

  28. Wish Hatch had been there for me when I was pregnant (thrice !) but I’d love to lure my daughters into some of those lovely pieces in order to get an additional grandchild or two.

  29. How have I not discovered Hatch before now? I love the Alba Jumper in Red Floral ~ I can see myself wearing it to the farmers market on Saturday mornings…

    Following both on instagram as @rainesmom

  30. This comes at the perfect time! I’ve had my eye on a few things from Hatch for upcoming summer weddings! One of my favorite brands of the moment, pregnant or not!

  31. I love Hatch! And I love that I can purchase things that I know will be worn well beyond pregnancy, and then again into my next pregnancy!

  32. Been eyeing Hatch, since my 2nd pregnancy (3rd now)! Would love the chance to add a piece or 2 to my wardrobe ❤️

  33. I’m 9 months pregnant with my third and hatch is the only brand that is cute and comfortable now and will continue to be after I have the baby!

  34. I absolutely love Hatch! I’m currently 5 months pregnant with my second baby and I’m eyeing a few new peices from Hatch. It’s the only brand that makes me feel both comfortable and stylish!

  35. I’ve followed you and Hatch on Instagram! I have to admit that I bought the overcoat and I’m not remotely pregnant–it’s too cute.

  36. Had my first baby last year and never realized how long you have to wear loose clothing for nursing. Hatch clothes are cute and you’d get good use out of them during and after pregnancy.

  37. First time mom and 17 weeks. I’ve been looking for a brand like this since I too do not want to spend $$ on maternity clothes that I will only wear few months!! Hatch looks like the best of all worlds, can’t wait to try!!!

  38. I feel the same way! I’m going on 8 months pregnant and the only clothes i want to wear are Hatch! Love following you and your cute family. I hope I win so i can invest in some goodies for the remainder of my pregnancy and for after the baby arrives

  39. After two years of IVF I have been so cautious with this pregnancy and have been holding off on buying maternity clothes. But I will be in my 15th week Monday and am finally going ahead with a maternity wardrobe which will be Hatch heavy!! Can’t wait.

  40. Hatch is every woman’s dream come true for before, during and after baby! With my second child arriving in October, Hatch somehow makes pregnancy and taking care of a toddler both comfortable and chic!

  41. These are gorgeous clothes. I had trouble finding things that were stylish to wear like these pieces in my third trimester.

  42. love the black silk dress I have from Hatch. I wear it ALL YEAR LONG. The easy fit of Hatch clothes seems to make every item simple and easy to reach for when you just want to be relaxed and stylish.

  43. I love that Hatch doesn’t look like typical maternity clothes! No need to sacrifice your style while pregnant. 🙂

  44. Where was this brand when I had my oldest. I lost the weight faster with my youngest and we are trying for number 3 and I am a little worried about losing the weight.

    (Kettle One Martini sounds delish even at 10a)

  45. Currently 18 weeks and in that funky stage where nothing fits but maternity clothes feels a bit overkill. Love that Hatch makes clothes that fit during AND after pregnancy.

  46. I remember finding out about Hatch through your blog years ago and now I see them everywhere – you were ahead of the curve on that one 😉 Being pregnant now and especially as we head into a Texas summer, I’ve been eyeing a few Hatch pieces because I live for easy breezy but also want to buy pieces that will work beyond this short span of time.

  47. I’m not pregnant yet but have been fluctuating in size and would love fashionable and comfortable pieces that will help me transition through the weight changes!

  48. Loove Hatch…18 weeks in and would love to have some of these pieces in my wardrobe for the months to come!

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