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Over the last few years I’ve become seriously addicted to my hats, finding them more and more essential to my everyday style, especially as a mom. The obsession all started while I was pregnant—what else are you going to buy for yourself during that time, am I right? But I also give credit to the discovery of Janessa Leoné hats, which can instantly change or enhance your look, make you feel 10 times cooler and hide your hair if it’s one of those days. I’m not sure how I made it through life without a handful of good hats but all I can say is thank goodness for Janessa Leoné who makes it so easy, almost too easy, to fall in love with a style that suits you.

If you haven’t been to her amazing store at Platform in Culver City, I suggest you make a trip! It’s beyond fun to try each style on and you’re bound to find one that will become your wardrobe’s best friend. Here are my top styles that I wear on repeat…

The Janessa Leoné Hats I live in…


The Fawn, one of her latest styles that I’ve been wearing almost everyday lately. It’s perfect with just about anything but I love wearing mine with long, simple dresses and bikinis, duh.


The Klint, easily the most worn hat in my wardrobe. It has that subtle nod to the past so I grab anything with the same vibe—antique-like blouses and dresses, liberty prints, vintage denim and loafers.


The Mattie, the hat you get on a waiting list for. I literally feel like a different version of myself in this hat and I love it. It’s so Bridgette Bardot in France.

JL Mini Styles

And then she made mini versions… drop the mic. I don’t think it gets any cuter. Elin’s pick? The Calla Light Pink Mini.

Giveaway Details 

Today I’m giving away a $500 gift credit to use on the Janessa Leoné site. To enter make sure you’re following both @JanessaLeone and @CouldIHaveThat on Instagram and leave a comment below. Giveaway ends on 5/17 at 9 am PST. 

First image shot by Arna. 

Fawn Hat

Lindley Hat

Klint Hat

Jade Hat

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  1. What a wonderful giveaway! I have been searching for a new summer hat & the Fawn may just be the winner! *fingers crossed*

  2. I’ve been coveting the Dillon, a traditional shape but such a beautiful and unique weave that makes it more feminine to my eye. Thanks for introducing Janessa Leone to me.

  3. What a lovely opportunity and giveaway! These hats look amazingly constructed and beautiful. They add that perfect touch to any outfit.

  4. Not to mention preventing sun damage. I hated wearing a hat until I realized it was the only foolproof way to avoid sunburn when out all day. If you’re going to wear one might as well be stylish!

  5. You look amazing in this beautiful hat. It’s also easier to tell our little ones they need to wear a hat if we wear one too! Happy mother’s day!!

  6. Also redhead and a mama to a blonde blue eyed 2 year old, sun protection is a must! I especially love how JL makes packable hats — perfect for mamas on the move! You rock yours!

  7. Thank you thank you for spotlighting this brand! Have been on the hunt for the perfect wide-brimmed hat for some time and Janessa Leoné may just be the answer to my prayers. Xx

  8. I have wanted to start a Janessa collection for my daughter and I ‍ This would definitely get us started. Thank you for sharing your favorites

  9. I’ve always loved seeing the mother/daughter style, but mostly because of the way it frames the creative and empowering relationship I imagine you share with her. My husband and I returned home a few minutes ago following our IVF procedure. So when I opened Instagram and saw the mother’s day stories you posted today alongside your daughter, today it was especially touching. And hopeful. One day I hope to be able to share inspiration with my son or daughter. And hope that he or she shares my appreciation for creativity inspiring hats 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Hi Lindsey, thinking good thoughts for you and strength. My sister went through IVF and I know so many friends who are going through it right now too. IVF mamas deserve lots and lots of love and pampering tomorrow!!! Thank you for your comment! xo

  10. I have the most difficult time finding hats I feel complement my face and work with my full hair. These are great looking hats!

  11. I LOVE their hats! It would be a dream to bring one of their beautiful hats with me to Italy next month. I would wear it everyday. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  12. Oh the dream! I tried one on in California and just fell in love.. unfortunately I had treated myself to that exact doen dress and couldn’t stretch to a hat too! Fingers and toes crossed!! Xo

  13. A Janessa Leone hat has been at the top of my wishlist for a couple years now and to be able to get both me and my daughter one would make me so happy! I love the photos of you & Elin both in Janessa Leone hats and would love to have moments like that!

  14. I love Janessa Leone! We’re planning on vacationing in Europe this summer, and I’m eyeing up her packable styles.
    Love her hat on you! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Do stylish and necessary to protect our skin. Love them all but Fawn is my favourite . Thank you for the opportunity

  16. Love Janessa Leone so much! I saved up and just bought my first of her hats and wear it constantly. It’s a wardrobe staple now for sure. Would love to have another style and matching hats with my daughter!

  17. These hats are gorgeous and I would love to own one! As a mom to 3, I dont get around to washing my hair as often as I would like so hats are a necessity. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this awesome giveaway!

  18. Greetings from Austin!!
    Me and my mini me would love to rock these hats in the hot Texas sun!! Thanks for sharing and showing the beauty of motherhood!!
    xo tm

  19. You and your little sweet mini are so adorable and I love these hats. I can’t wait to have a little one so we can be twinsies.

  20. I would love to win a hat!!!! I’m outside all day for work and would love to rock a cute style while protecting my skin from the crazy sun!!!!

  21. I am desperately trying to become a hat person but haven’t been able to find one that works on me. I’m hoping it’s the hats I’ve tried and not my head. I love the look of Janessa Leoné hats, so maybe one of these could be the one!

  22. Oh goodness! I’ve been eyeing these hats since you first started wearing! Would love that gift card for me and my two minis!!

  23. Omg I so need one of those hats! Always wearing my green baseball cap… so not very stylish;-)
    Love the giveaways this week:-)

  24. I already have one lovely Janessa Leone hat, but need one more! Not to mention my daughter who need her own mini! Happy mothers day!!!

  25. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Loved all the photos with your daughter in her Janessa Leoné hat; love all their hats!

  26. Chic Janessa Leoné hats, modeled by a strong amazing woman plus adorable mini, and add in that this is a giveaway promoting wisely taking care of our health -pretty much the best post ever!

  27. Wow, what a lovely and generous offer! Have been a fan of your style even before the hats 😉 but definitely agree that they elevate anything! Thank you and happy Mother’s Day!!

  28. You always style her hats so beautifully, and Elin looks darling in a mini version! I have one JL hat, but have quite the long wish list! I’ve followed both you and Janessa Leone on Instagram for years 🙂

  29. I am obsessed and such a fan! I always say that hats are not only a great style investment but a great beauty investment. They are so important in protecting your skin from the sun! Oh! And dark roots at times!

  30. This is exactly the hat that I would design for myself, and all the women in my life, family and friends. It is romantic, classic yet so on trend, American yet European. It can be casual, tropical, professional or dressy. It is the kind of hat that makes you feel more confidant just wearing it. I identify with it!

  31. You have the bests giveaways because everything you pick is so lovely and delicate! My pick is the Eve, and I love the children’s hats!

  32. I’m obsessed with her hats – they are so beautiful! Love the shots of you and Elin in those gorgeous hats!! Xo

  33. I am OBSESSED with these hats! Would love to take them with me to Hawaii this summer! :))) @kellierose914 on instagram..following both!

  34. Happy Mother’s Day!!!
    Love these hats! Especially on you! I’ve had one on my wish list and wishing I could go to their store!! Thank you!!

  35. Oh this one is so fun! I love matching my little girls! Thanks for this great giveaway, and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  36. As a fellow red-headed freckle face, I love a hat and have been scoping JL for this summer! So so cute! Thanks for introducing me to her.

  37. I am a teacher who lives near the beach. Between PE with 5 year olds and summer beach & garden days, I live in hats, but I still haven’t found my holy grail of a gorgeous summer straw hat. One of Janessa Leone’s hats would be perfect!

  38. I believe I discovered Janessa Leone from you and Jacey Duprie. Her styles are all SO flattering and I cannot get over the Mini versions! I don’t yet have a little one, but would love to give one to my niece to whom I’m trying to introduce timeless style – she is 4 so it’s a slow learning process!

  39. These hats are classic items that never go out of style. Great way to protect yourself from the sun and look stylish at the same time.

  40. I was never really into hats until recently. Now I am in love with them. Wish I did not donate them all two years ago when I went on a pregnant cleaning sweep!

  41. A good hat can totally make an outfit! I’ve yet to own one of her hats but I swear I always see people with great hats and when I ask or click a link to see who makes it, 9 times out of 10 it’s Janessa!

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