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I’m so excited to share the first of seven giveaways happening this week in celebration of Mother’s Day. Each day (today through Sunday) I’ll be giving away a $500 credit to a favorite brand that has become a staple in my everyday style as a woman and a mother. So don’t worry, you won’t be left out if you’re not a mom, you just have to help celebrate one around you that you love. Details on entering below!

So what’s at the core of my daily routine? A good skincare regimen… 

It’s no secret how much I love True Botanicals. I started using their products exactly a year ago and haven’t turned back. While I love the toxic-free ingredients, the people behind the brand and the simplicity of the line, at the end of the day it’s about how well it works, and all their products do. I literally panic a little inside when I see one of my bottles running low and rush to restock it.

Their latest product launch—the Resurfacing Body Mask and Body Oil—is here just in time to help us shed that winter skin so our limbs are radiant and glowing for the sunnier months ahead. I’ve never been one of those girls with perfectly smooth, flawless skin—I work for it with a healthy diet and exfoliating. I get dry skin easily (especially on the backs of my arms) so I’m always trying different ways to enhance that smooth, glowy feel. You name it I’ve tried it. The things that worked in the past were loaded with chemicals, which made me think there wasn’t an alternative. But the first time I tried True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask, I knew right after I put it on and felt that tingle (just like the Resurfacing Face Mask, my other obsession), that it was going to be good. My skin was not only soft but had that dewiness to it, especially when I slathered on part II of the treatment, Pure Radiance Body Oil—which leaves me feeling like a goddess. 

Enter to Win

Enter to win a $500 credit to True Botanicals by leaving a comment below, following both @truebotanicals and @couldihavethat on instagram and visit their website. Giveaway ends a week from today 5/14 at 9 am PST. Good Luck!


Read More From the Women Behind True Botanicals Below!


How many kids to you have? Age? Spence, 23, Glyn, 23, Kate, 18


What’s the best part of your day? I would say that the best parts of my day are the times that I am feeling a deep connection with nature, my family, my friends and my co-workers.  Time spent in nature and with my people are both so important to me.


What’s your least favorite part of the day? Doing the dishes because by the time we are done eating dinner, I am pretty ready to do nothing.  


Owning a business and being a mom is a juggling act. What things have you found that make it easier? There are only so many hours in the day so what I try to do is prioritize how I spend my time rather than push myself to accomplish more.  I think that can be so exhausting and unhealthy. So if I take on more at work, which has been happening a lot lately as we grow, then I look at my responsibilities at home and figure out what I can outsource.  My Mom was great at reminding me that I should do that and she often comes to mind if I feel overwhelmed. I hear her asking me, what will make this easier on you? I think that is so important. Either that I get some help or I figure out what can I take off my to do list.  It is easy to think that everything has to happen right now and then I remind myself that few things really do.


What’s one important thing you do for yourself on a daily basis? I definitely prioritize my skincare ritual because it really makes a difference and I enjoy it. I also take a dead sea salt bath most nights. It is so incredibly relaxing.


How many kids to you have? Age? I have two daughters, ages 13 & 15.   


What’s the best part of your day? Coming home to the people I love.  We have a really cozy house, so everyone pops out of wherever they are to greet me, even our dogs.  It’s amazing and makes me feel so lucky.


What’s your least favorite part of the day? That moment where I struggle with the alarm telling me to get up and go to Soul Cycle.  So hard to do at 5:00 am, but totally worth it.  


Owning a business and being a mom is a juggling act. What things have you found that make it easier? I do work that I am really passionate about with a team of great people who are equally committed to our mission. Spending the time away from my kids to do something so worthwhile feels ok; whereas, in the past when I have had jobs that I didn’t care as much about, the tradeoff was far more difficult.


What’s one important thing you do for yourself on a daily basis? I drink a ton of water and make an anti-inflammatory juice of fresh tumeric, ginger, lemon, mint, celery and apple.  The hardest part of traveling is I don’t get to drink my daily juice!

Thank you to True Botanicals for supporting this post, all opinions are my own.

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

Resurfacing Body Mask

Hydrating Cleanser

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  1. What a wonderful giveaway! I have been slowly switching all my beauty products for natural/organic alternatives. Those True Botanicals serums (and the vitamin c booster) have been on my wishlist forever!

  2. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant with my first child (a baby girl!) and recently found True Botanicals through following CIHT (thank you!!). My skin feels and looks amazing even with these crazy pregnancy hormones and I love knowing that their products are safe for me and the baby now and through breast feeding. Love everything about True Botanicals!

  3. I will be turning 53 in a few weeks! Working like crazy to keep Father Time at bay!! Maybe Pure Botanicals would help in this effort!

  4. I would love to give this gift card to my mama! She has recently started to switch to natural products and I am so proud of her! I would love for her to be able to give True Botanicals a try!

  5. I’ve been struggling with serious health issues for the last 4 years, and cleaning up my skincare products became a necessity. As an absolute skincare junkie, this made me a bit nervous – until I found True Botanicals, a company that delivers amazing results without any compromise.

  6. YES! I Love your blog ~ CIHT~ & love seeing you around SB. I will be 62 this month, a mother of 2 young adults, & deliver babies (a passion & career). True Botanicals looks awesome. would LOVE to try. thank you ~ S

  7. I added true botanicals last year while searching for toxic free environmentally friendly products. I love what’s it’s doing for my face and want enough oil to slather all over body. I can’t imagine how happy my skin would be after such treatment. Thanks TB and CIHT

  8. After reaching my 30s a couple years back I finally realized the importance of using nourishing natural skincare. True Botanicals is now next on my skincare shopping list.

  9. Constantly searching for the holy grail skincare routine, and love focusing on ethical brands. I want to give this a try!

  10. If you’re skin is a testament to the magic of True Botanicals, well sign me up! You were positively glowing and glamorous in that recent editorial you did for them. Been meaning to take the plunge and this just might have me jumping in face first

  11. I will have to check them out – giveaway or not! My skin is super sensitive so anything harsh, and it’s pretty much all harsh, doesn’t work for me. As I’ve gotten older, and am noticing those years in my skin (!!!!!), I’d love to find something that would have good benefits on my skin without having to deal with the bad. To me, dealing with bad effects to get good is just not worth it.

  12. I’m new mom to a sweet two month old girl and cannot keep up with my crazy skin changes. I’m dying to try True Botanicals!

  13. With summer approaching my body needs lots of nourishment after a long winter. I would love to try the True Botanicals products.

  14. I love nontoxic products would love to try True Botanicals’ Vitamin C powder and new body products. They look amazing!

  15. Thank you for supporting such clean beauty products! I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 2 breast cancer at age 33 and was advised to clean up all my beauty products to be free of parabens. Luckily I had been into clean beauty for several years, but at the time I felt the market was limited and I had a hard time switching over 100% of my skincare, especially the anti-aging treatments. Recently there are a few brands who have really stepped up their game and True Botanicals is one of them. I’m cancer free today, and I continue to spread the word about clean beauty to all my girlfriends! I just bought my first TB product 2 weeks ago – the cellular repair serum. I’ve heard such wonderful things about their oils and vit c & can’t wait to add them to my stash. Thanks again and sending love & solidarity.

  16. I love the philosophy behind this line! Clean products are extraordinarily important in my household. So excited for the chance to win!

  17. I LOVE True Botanicals- I am so excited to try their body mask & oil! I was so relieved to find a line I could use safely during pregnancy/breastfeeding that actually works!

  18. I loved the clear duo (used both until the last drop) but it hasn’t fit into my budget lately. I’m committed to using ethically sourced and naturally derived products and I love True Botanicals for this reason. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I cannot explain how important clean beauty is for me… I have had a very hard time with my skin recently, so much so that it has caused panic attacks. I know it is extreme, but as someone with a lot of mental health issues, anything that brings back memories of bullying and insecurity is triggering. Maybe True Botanicals products will help me out.
    Reading all of the comments and everyone’s stories really makes my heart ache. I hope we all are able to find some strength and happiness

  20. I would love to try True Botanicals! I’m attempting to switch to all natural products while I’m trying to have a baby. Thank you for this opportunity!

  21. I would love to try these products. It is my birthday today and as I get older I look for products that enhance rather than hurt my skin. These products sound perfect!!

  22. I just turned 40 and had my first baby at 38. I have made my skin care routin nightly and in the morning “me time”. After being in a high stress corporate job to staying home full time this is by far the hardest job ever. I have to remind myself to take time for myself. Which is still so new to me. Spa days were never a second thought before my little beauty came along. Now I would rather spend the money on her. I love reading your blog and insta. It always sheds a little light about balance. Thank you!

  23. True Botanical’s Renew collection is my favorite! The Pure Radiance Oil always leaves my skin feeling amazing!

  24. Thanks for posting this giveaway. I love all the True Botanticals products I’ve tried and am looking for to trying more.

  25. I have been wanting to try True Botanicals after reading about them in your posts. Thank you for the giveaway!

  26. I feel like you’ve featured this brand a ton in the past, so I know it’s truly a favorite. Would love the chance to update my skin routine with some of your faves!

  27. I followed on Instagram – @skincarewithgraceb

    I went over to their website and took the quiz where they recommend products for your skin type. I’m interested in trying one of their toners for oily skin, the Clear Nutrient Toner

  28. Just tried some samples from the line and love it. Finally getting my skin care back on track after having my babies!

  29. Samantha, I am so thrilled about this giveaway! I can’t tell you how much I adore True Botanicals. Once I tried the oil and serum I was hooked, and now use the face mist as well. My next dying-to-try items are the body oil and mask. Crossing my fingers!

  30. Love, love, love True Botanicals. Have been using their Hydrate routine the last 6-7 months, and notice a difference in texture and complexion if I miss even one morning or night. Would love to try their new body oil! Also, can’t live without that Vit C booster. Currently pregnant, and have mild melasma – the Vit C booster makes SUCH a difference. Thanks for hosting these giveaways.

  31. I have recently made the switch to all natural products because I realized if something was bad for me while pregnant, it probably isn’t great for me ever. I’m trying to be conscious of the things I’m putting in my body and this company sounds perfect.

  32. I really want to try their Renew Cellular Repair Serum! I’ve heard a few people rave over it…
    Following on instagram as @rainesmom {& crossing my fingers}

  33. I’ve been dying to try True Botanical! I keep hearing such wonderful things about their products. What a great giveaway!

  34. I would love to try True Botanicals products, I’ve heard amazing things about this natural brand!! Hope this giveaway applies to Canadian residents as well! 🙂

  35. I’d love to try these products for my dry, sensitive skin!! Thanks for hosting & happy mother’s day!!

  36. I’ve been using Tata Harper products and always looking to find other natural and toxic-free skin care products to try. Thanks for sharing your experience and take on True Botanicals! Can’t wait to try it now.

  37. I am 35, always looking for something to make me look younger/fight aging. There is so much we cannot control in terms of what our bodies are exposed to…so happy there are a growing number of brands that promote non-toxic ingredients.

  38. I love love love True Botanicals. I’ve been using their vitamin C booster and have been dying to try the Clear line.

  39. I have been going through some crazy skin reactions since Feb 2018. Due to either my skincare regime and/ or makeup. It’s been a difficult process of elimination, trying to figure out the root cause (still no luck yet). Over the past three months, I’ve used minimal products and have also gotten used to wearing little make up (if any). Having inflammation issues with my skin because of those chemical filled products really makes me appreciate the good skin I do have as well as products like True Botanicals!

  40. I’m a broke college student so I’m always goign along with drugstore brands, wishing that I could try out brands like True Botanicals! I would die a little inside <3

  41. I’ve seen so many people recommend this brand! I’d love to try it! I also really enjoyed learning about the people behind the brand. Thanks for all the great giveaways this week!

  42. I just ordered my first few items from True Botanicals and I can already see a difference. Thank you Samantha for posting about such a great product. Would love to share the gift card with my mom!

  43. I would love to try their products. I have been hearing great things about the brand but haven’t purchased any of their products yet.

  44. Thanks for featuring True Botanicals. I’ve heard rave reviews about these products! Excited to try them!

  45. Love the smell of all of their products! It’s daily aromatherapy!

    All the products I’ve tried re so gentle to my skin. Would love to try this new body oil!

  46. As a mom of 4 littles I don’t have much time or energy for a lengthy skincare routine or trips to see the esthetician, but a clean effective product to use at home would be a treat at the end of a long day!

  47. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment! I lost my internet connection for a minute.

    I’d like to try the Calm Collection.

  48. Thanks for a chance! Ive never tried true botanicals but would LOVE to! I’m here from Instagram poppy_in_the_graveyard!

  49. Have heard great things about this brand! Would love to add some of their products into my skincare routine.

  50. Omg would love to try that brand! I’ve been needing to step up my scincare routine! This would be amazing! Love the simplicity but informative feel of your blog! Following both on insta @kissesfromsoph ❤️

  51. Hi 🙂 I’m amazed at how consistent and soft True Botanicals has made my skin in 2 weeks.. thank you for always sharing your products, truly so informative for me! Dying to dry the mask and body oil.

  52. I really need a new skincare regimen. Living in the Northeast is reall hard on the skin and this winter has been epic! True Botanicals looks and sounds great! Thank you for introducing it.

  53. I love that you are introducing people to such fabulous products that are great for us and our planet.

  54. This line sounds like just what I’ve been looking for to revamp my routine post baby and go as toxic-free as possible (without loosing the luxury feel of good products).

  55. It was interesting to learn about the women behind the brand. I’ve never heard of True Botanicals but I’m intrigued to try some of their products. With summer coming up, their oils would be really helpful since my kids and I spend most of our days at the beach which can zap your skin of moisture.

  56. I’m dying to try True Botanicals!! I’m in the midst of a switch to clean products ( all purpose cleaners, laundry soap, deodorant, a few beauty products) and have nothing but amazing testimonials about True Botanicals. REALLY want to win this!! Been entering alll the giveaways .

  57. Love that their products use nontoxic ingredients. Would love to give my mom and grandmother, two amazingly strong single mothers, some of their products, such as the Pure Radiance Body Oil. Thanks for introducing me to this brand.

  58. Have heard great things about the Vitamin C powder and now the body mask and oil! Moving this brand to top of “try next” list.

  59. These products are such a game changer! I started by using the resurfacing mask and oil after two and yes I said two uses my skin had changes. Then I had to try the face oil AMAZING! These products you will use the rest of your life yes I said the rest of your life.

  60. I have been wanting to try True Botanicals for the longest time. I wasn’t sure which product to start with. I’ve heard nothing but good things!

  61. I was just recommended by a girlfriend to try their hydrating line – so excited to possibly get a chance to try many of their new products!!

  62. I’ve been using Tata Harper products and it dries my face out! I’ve been dying to try this skincare line but haven’t gotten myself to purchase anything yet!

  63. I am following as MOTHEROFPEARL81 and I am totally crossing fingers and toes for this. Truly do need this in my life and I would be so overjoyed and grateful to win!

  64. Love being introduced to products with a purpose (and love winning even more!). Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mamas out there!

  65. Love.Love.Love True Botanicals!!!! Want to try some of the newest products that they’ve just released! ❤️

  66. I have been wanting to give True botanicals a try but haven’t made the plunge yet! I have heard a few beauty bloggers rave about them as well and hope to try them out really soon!

  67. Their body oil is heavenly. Would love to try some other products!

    PS – So nice to see photos and interviews of mothers with teenage children.

  68. I had the pleasure of meeting Hillary this past Thanksgiving and she’s lovely! She went to college with my stepmom and I love the line!!! I was just recently pregnant and started using their oils.

  69. yass the tingle! would love to try these products out, this mama is overdue for some pampering. happy mother’s day all!

  70. I am a huge fan of true botanical. I love everything that I have tried from them especially the CLEAR PURE RADIANCE OIL.

  71. Following both on Instagram. These look like amazing products, especially when it’s time to get summer skin ready!

  72. Already follow you both @tatzgrrly. I am a skincare fanatic and these products sound amazing. My skin is begging for the RENEW CELLULAR REPAIR SERUM.

  73. I love all the true botanical products I have tried so far and would love to try more! I also have very sensitive/dry skin so always looking for great (and clean) products

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