Why I Stopped Drinking Smoothies

June 13, 2019

A few years ago, for a handful of reasons, I started cleaning up my diet and lifestyle. I was reading more about nutrition and discovering that maybe I wasn’t as “healthy” as I thought I was. Having always been thin, monitoring what I ate was never something I bothered with. I always approached food with the idea that everything in moderation was ok, eat plenty of greens and protein and limiting sugar (which I was horrible at).

You may recall a few stories I shared here, here and here about my healthy journey but one little tip that has been a game changer came from a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. After seeing her for a few months she’d ask me questions here and there about my diet. I told her I’d start my mornings with a healthy smoothie (no sugar full of boosting supplements and additions) or sometimes get smoothies in the afternoons. At the time I was having digestion issues (even getting a endoscopy at one point) and she immediately told me to stop with the smoothies and anything raw or cold. I didn’t actually roll my eyes (just in my head ha) but it felt like one more thing I had to avoid and smoothies were something that felt easy, healthy and convenient. So I didn’t actually take her advice at first, only limiting them because here’s the thing I’ve struggled with the most, eating healthy without putting a ton of time in the kitchen and being busy while eating clean.

So I carried on, only limiting my precious smoothies, until I hit a point of frustration and decided to give it a go. I cut smoothies, juices and cold salads out of my diet until I noticed a change. Within a week I noticed a difference, actually a huge difference. I wasn’t getting headaches as often, I had more energy and my stomach didn’t hurt as much after eating. It was a big enough difference that I kept it up for months and have hardly touched my blender this year.

Of course, everyone is different and I’m a true believer in certain foods working for certain bodies. But I had to share my love hate relationship with smoothies in case it can help anyone else out there. 

xx Sam

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